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Industry Innovator

PixelFLEX is the world’s leading provider of innovative LED screen solutions for any LED project. Our products are used in large scale presentations for Google, Boeing, Luke Bryan, and many others.

Tour Tested Durability

The PixelFLEX product line has been put through rigorous durability tests. The flexible design of our PixelFLEX curtain allows you to store a twenty-five by fifty foot screen in a five foot space

Rapid Deployment

With a flexible, lightweight, and easy to operate design, the PixelFLEX line of products allows you to setup and teardown an entire thirty-two by sixteen foot LED screen display in under fifteen minutes.

Interested in PixelFLEX? Would you like more information? Contact us today!

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You can spy PixelFLEX LED display technology adorning the stages and platforms of some of the world’s largest touring acts and events. We offer customized LED screen solutions tailored specifically to the needs of our clients.

“It’s durable, flexible and lightweight, which makes it easy to set up, tear down and pack on the truck in a compact fashion. At the end of the night, we bring the truss in and the Curtain folds right into a case, which then gets stacked three high in the truck.” “The flexibility of the Curtain versus hard products gives us creative freedom in how we use it in different venues that we could never have!”

Pete HealeyLuke Bryan, Production Manager

“Storage and ease of set-up in comparison with other systems we were looking at was important,” Winn admitted. “Knowing that we can load a show in, use the Curtain and then load the show out without any difficulties or significant manpower is wonderful.” The fact that PixelFLEX tailored to our exact specifications was something we couldn’t get anywhere else!

Byron WinnUniversity of Iowa, Director of Theatre

We have been using PixelFLEX out on the road with Darius Rucker for the last couple of years and in that time have run it thru the gamut of conditions, rain, wind, heat and much to our amazement it has rolled with the punches quit well. It is a hard product to beat given it’s very low power consumption, it’s weight and the ease of hanging it. For certain we will be using PixelFLEX more in the future.

Jason "DB" ParkinDarius Rucker, Production Manager

“From a production manager’s perspective, there are four major reasons to go with the PixelFLEX solution, weight, power, draw and truck space. There is nothing that even comes close to how much video you get relative to how little truck space is needed to pack the Curtain.”

James "Mo" ButtsRodney Atkins, Production Manager

“PixelFlex is a product we have come to rely on for the look and feel of our stage production. The way it is integrated into the set really makes the wall come alive. When we have fly dates and can’t bring our video wall, we all notice. It’s like we are missing a member of the band. PixelFlex is easy to use and quick to set up, and its price point is tough, if not impossible, to beat. I think this makes it a great choice for houses of worship or any other production environment that is budget conscious.”

Marcus WuebkerJeremy Camp and Luminative Designs

“One of the major benefits of the PixelFLEX video screen is that it is extremely easy to move, which means we can use video and effects in a variety of environments across the campus. “Over the summer, we took six of the 15 panels to the gym for new student orientation, whereas in the past we used an inflatable screen for orientation. The PixelFLEX screens provided much higher quality resolution and that kind of flexibility is invaluable.”

John HoggeUniversity of Longwood, Multi-media technician

“PixelFLEX is a quality video product. It can be used for virtually any application a lighting designer can come up with from curves to solid walls! Its easy to tech while on the road and weather was never an issue, rain or shine. I never had a panel fail!”

Brandon QuisbergRodney Atkins, Video and Lighting Designer

“As soon as I saw the PixelFLEX screens online and how they could bend around nearly any shape or structure, I knew how I could use them at Winter NAMM to make a difference for my client at the show! On top of that, it was super simple to install and operate!”

Guruz Media, Representing Sabian CymbalsGuruz Media, Account Representative


PixelFLEX LED curtains are the most flexible and lightweight LED systems on the market. Easy to operate with the ability to be setup in a matter of minutes, PixelFLEX offers everything from low resolution screens for effects all the way to high resolution screens for detailed video display.

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PixelFLEX LED curtains can be custom made to meet your specific needs. Our panels easily attach together using a quick-lock system allowing you to make as large as a screen as you want. They’re flexible in all directions, allowing you to bend and shape around structures for a more creative effect.

Our Clients

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