Repair/Replacement Policy

To submit Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). You can submit by filling out the online form below. All PixelFLEX products being returned to PixelFLEX, LLC. must have an RMA (Return for Material Authorization) number.

RMA procedure Online Form:

  1. Fill out the Request for Material Authorization (RMA) Form in its entirety. (Excluding the RMA number)
  2. PixelFLEX will issue RMA number to be used for the return via email. Write this RMA # on form below.
  3. Place completed RMA form in the box with the returned item. Write RMA number on the outside of the shipping box.
  4. Return the authorized items per shipping instructions (see bottom of RMA).

Contact our service department if you have any questions at 1-800-930-7954 option 1.