4 Ways to Elevate Your Corporate Office with LED 


Are you looking for ways to upgrade your workplace, enhancing the form and function of your office space? Modern-day offices are evolving and changes in technology have made it easier than ever to transform your space to fit the identity of your company.With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, it is imperative that your office provides more than just a place to work.  

Digital displays for your office give you an opportunity to transform your space, modernizing your aesthetic and enhancing your functionality at the exact same time. There are a lot of options for digital displays, but LED walls create a dynamic first impression and integrate the highest quality video communication options. Before we dive into the different ways that LED walls can be utilized, let’s look at what makes LED walls stand out from the other digital display options. 

What are LED walls?  

LED walls are created by combining panels of LEDs to create a seamless high-definition display. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. Since it uses much less power compared to most other light elements, it is extremely efficient and has a much longer lifespan. Unlike incandescent lamps, LEDs have no filaments that can burn out or fail. 

Why use LED walls? 

You only have one chance at making a first impression, and LED walls are bold statement pieces that make a memorable impact. LED walls are custom designed to bring your company’s vision to life, and the durability and adaptability keeps your space looking brand new for years. Customers and employees alike will be invigorated every day from the moment they walk into your business.  


There are multiple options when it comes to digital displays for your office, including LED screens, liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, and projectors. These three options are frequently compared against each other and there are pros and cons for each depending on what you would like to accomplish. 

For office spaces, the choice typically comes down to LED vs. LCD due to the logistical constraints of projectors. In terms of performance and functionality, LED walls outperform LCD screens in brightness, resolution, customization, and seamless design. For many years, the up-front cost favored LCD screens enough that other factors were less of a consideration. As the gap in price has decreased, the long-term viability and value of LED screens has dramatically increased, mainly due to these three details: 

  • Longer Lifespan – LED screens last 2-3x longer than LCD screens  
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Issues can be fixed with on-site module or bulb repair vs. Sending LCDs off-site for repair 
  • Lower Energy Costs – Brighter output even when running at less than 100% power 

Over the lifetime of the installation, LED walls provide the winning combination of exceptional performance and superior long-term value. Utilizing LED walls and screens is a great choice, but how can your space benefit from their addition?  

4 Ways to Elevate Your Corporate Office with LED 

1. Improve Brand Awareness

Your office environment speaks volumes to your employees and customers about your brand, culture, and values. Do you value innovation, creativity, and energy? How about collaboration, communication, and dependability? Your office space can either add to or detract from the kind of environment that you are creating.  

You can enhance your environment by creating promotional displays with dynamic graphics to show off what makes your brand unique. LED video walls provide an avenue to showcase your story in real-time for employees and customers. These stories can be crafted to express and accentuate your company’s brand voice, making your culture and values clear while helping your brand stand out from the crowd. 

2. Create Long Lasting First Impressions

When a customer walks in your front door, is there something that draws their attention? That first moment is critical in shaping the rest of the customer experience, so ideally it is aligned with your brand and culture. The best way to create a lasting first impression that connects with your brand identity is to make a bold statement that can’t be missed.  

Custom designed large-scale LED screens provide a ‘wow’ factor that visitors will not be able to forget. The design and personalized content that can be communicated is limitless, with practical applications including greeting customers, providing brand information and personalizing visitor experience. 

3. Engage Employees

The benefits of utilizing LED screens expand beyond customer facing initiatives. Your employees are a major part of presenting your company’s culture to the world, but it can be challenging to connect all your people to your brand. Investing in LED technology in areas like employee break rooms allows employees at all levels of the company to be integrated into the company culture and brand messaging.  

You can exhibit upcoming team events, highlight team members, and more to boost employee morale. Internal communications can be broadcasted and KPIs that keep team members up-to-date and excited about projects can be displayed in a fashion that is engaging and easy to access.

4. Enhance Collaboration

LED solutions for remote work can create and personalize your interactions. The ability to utilize a single installation for a variety of situations enhances your company’s functionality and adaptability. 

A video wall in a boardroom or meeting area becomes the definitive centerpiece, elevating in-person and virtual conferences with remarkable visuals while allowing clients to communicate with hybrid workforces in profound ways. You can use the same LED wall in a meeting space for an employee brainstorming meeting which will allow you to display multiple screens and ideas at once and create a more interactive opportunity for collaboration.   

Are you ready to elevate your space?  

PixelFLEX LED experts are ready to help create the perfect digital display to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. If you’d like to learn more about how PixelFLEX and your team can collaborate on enhancing your office space, schedule a consultation here.