What to Look For in a Custom LED Display

When it comes to connecting with customers, upgrading your aesthetic, and increasing brand awareness, you need a design as unique as the value you provide. By building your own customized LED solution, you can achieve all three in one fell swoop. In this blog, we’ll go over what you should be looking for in your LED solutions, PixelFLEX’s unique approach to LED customization, explore case studies proving the power of creative LED, and discuss the value of collaboration and reliable partnership to the success of a project.  

Given that a project needs to run the gamut, generic LED solutions aren’t always enough to fulfill your (or your company’s) unique requirements. A build needs to tell the brand’s story and communicate its unique value proposition to customers just by looking at it, and a one-size-fits-all solution often isn’t enough. With a custom LED solution, you can achieve an edge over the competition with enhanced visual impact that stands out from the rest—and do so quickly with a seamless PixelFLEX LED integration.  

The PixelFLEX Approach  

With PixelFLEX, the options for customizing your design are as limitless as your imagination: if you can dream it, we can build it. PixelFLEX is an established, reputable LED display manufacturer known for its custom LED solutions, reliable, high-quality products, and superior customer service. Collaborating closely with our clients, we work together to test out a vision, ensuring every need and specification is met to the letter. As a US-based company, PixelFLEX cuts out the hassle of working with an overseas company.

Based locally in the great state of Tennessee, we’re always available to answer product questions, and are at your disposal with a dedicated project manager who will be with you every step of the way. Plus, our manufacturing process is extremely flexible, and we can easily customize any product to fit your exact tech spec needs. 

Creative Possibilities with Custom LED Solutions 


Founded in 1992, NetApp, Inc. is a hybrid cloud data service company headquartered in Silicon Valley. They are a mainstay on Fortune 500 list for more than 10 years. Clients for the company include YouTube, Amazon Web Services, and Nielsen Holdings. With such an impressive client list—and even more business still to conquer—NetApp needed a dynamic LED display to serve as focal point for their revamped headquarters. NetApp’s vision for the space was to create an interactive space to entertain clients and highlight the power of their brand.  

Working alongside NetApp, PixelFLEX developed an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping design to communicate NetApp’s scope, size, and influence in a single glance.

NetApp Curved LED Wall

Emerging from the ceiling and anchoring to the floor, the massive 18-finned, 3.0mm pitch build swirls at the center of NetApp’s vast lobby like a beating heart or the nucleus of a cell, displaying video and other information viewable from 360 degrees. Built using FLEXMod, PixelFLEX’s highly adaptive, flexible LED tile, the build has an awesome weight to it, and merely standing in its glow is enough to communicate NetApp’s incredible value.  

“The goal that we set for this project was to create an iconic structure that would really set NetApp apart from all the other high-tech companies that surrounded us here in Silicon Valley,” said Mike Tyler, Senior Manager of Global AV and Multimedia services at NetApp. “It’s a very, very elegant design and it’s truly a one-of-a-kind, instantly recognizable build. There’s really nothing else quite like it in the world.”  

Nike Jordan LED Floor

Air Jordan XXXI – Premier Event  

First introduced by Nike in 1984, Air Jordan 1 became an instant classic, selling 1.5m pairs in the first six weeks alone. Air Jordan has since become one of the most iconic and celebrated athletic brands in the world, endorsed and created for American basketball legend Michael Jordan.  

Given the brand’s history and status, it came as no surprise that Nike wanted to go big for the unveiling of the Air Jordan XXXI in Las Vegas.

Working as a team, PixelFLEX, Nike, and integrator VT Pro Design developed the world’s first regulation, interactive LED basketball floor. The design included changing neon lights, white lettering reading “Defy Gravity,” and an LED screen behind the hoop extending the illusion that the players were doing just that—defying gravity.  

The Process: Turning Dreams into Reality  

Collaboration and communication are key to creating the perfect LED solution. From the first steps, the PixelFLEX team works alongside yours to understand your needs, as well as the needs of your customers, to figure out how to best communicate your value proposition, find the best integrator, and ensure a smooth installation. Bring your A game when meeting with clients, launching a new product, or taking things on the road with our industry-leading technology and experienced team of professionals.

Whatever your needs, our team is ready to help you think beyond standard offerings to create something truly one-of-a-kind. And with solutions based in Nashville, Tennessee, we’re always here when you need us, and our excellent customer support team is just a phone call away.  

Whether large or small, permeant or just passing through, PixelFLEX’s custom LED solutions are designed to help you stand out from the crowd, strengthen your messaging, and boost customer engagement with your brand. For as long as we’ve been in business, PixelFLEX has committed to helping customers elevate their brands to new heights with standout LED solutions. Tailor-made to your specifications, our solutions are designed to help you shine, like a physical manifestation of the unparalleled value you bring to the table in dazzling 3.0mm pitch LED.  

To explore integrating a custom LED solution into your next project, contact a member of our team.