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Transport Visitors with an Immersive Experience with the Latest in LED Display Technology

Airports and Transportations hubs have the challenge of needing to communicate to travelers 24/7. Long gone are the static advertising and TV monitors. With advances in technology and product these transportation facilities can create immersive, effective and efficient spaces with the use of LED video Display technology. LED displays are enabling signage creativity in new and exciting ways to create unforgettable experiences.


    Engaging your customer is imperative to creating a unique and unforgettable experience that drives people and revenue. What are you doing to create an unforgettable customer experience? Our goal at PixelFLEX, is to help you design an LED display solution that will give you the an experience unique to your airport or travel facility.


    There is nothing more frustrating to a traveler then not being able to easily find information about the airport, flights and countless other pieces of information to make their travel easier. Our LED display products and solutions are designed with the end user in mind. With our easy-to-use interface, you can instantly update your display imagery, and keep your messages fresh.


    With an investment of this nature one of the biggest questions is how can a transportation facility or airport monetize a display, while enhancing its customers experience. LED video Displays allow for you to easily change information, sell additional advertisement space, as well as support he local economy with quality targeted advertising.


of travelers recall seeing a digital display within the last month.


say they could recall the specific message displayed every-time they passed a digital signage display.


of items advertised saw a direct sales increase do to digital display advertising.


of business owners recommend the use of LED signs to others.

Statistics from Sixteen-Nine.

How can you use LED in Airports or Transportation Facilities?



A unique space is only that if you make it truly different. Todays improved airports are some of the most beautifully designed pieces of architecture and provide incredible opportunity to enhance the traveler experience.


Providing up to date, easily accessible travel information is key to a positive traveler experience. 24/7 access to information and directions on high quality displays can make or break the travelers experience in your facility.


Increasing revenue streams allows for additional growth of your transportation facility. Utilizing LED indoor and outdoors can be a steady stream of income as well as an added benefit to your vendors, airlines and local businesses to the area.


Digital Art

Not sure what to do with an odd space, atrium or hall way? LED displays allow for creativity to create a digital art piece that can be easily updated to fit seasons, marketing pushes and give a lasting impression to both novice and experienced travelers.

Immersive Environments

Utilizing LED can create an immersive and interactive space that builds organic buzz to your facility. Giving travelers the ability to forget they are in an airport can make the overall traveling process much easier and enjoyable.


With many travelers having long periods of downtime, creating an entertainment space for music or other forms of live entertainment gives a traveler the ability to relax during layovers. This also allows for sponsorship activation for airport advertisers.

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