How to Choose the Best LED Provider for a Custom LED Installation

A Guide for Audio Visual Integrators

Your LED installation partner plays the crucial role of synthesizing each individual piece of an AV display into perfect harmony. Working with customers to tease out a vision, then with LED providers to see it to fruition, integrators are both the face of and the lifeblood of a successful and memorable AV display. When LED providers and integrators share a strong partnership, the benefits to the customer are exponential.   

As we explore further in this blog, integrators have an incentive to form strong, lasting partnerships with great LED providers. PixelFLEX LED proves an ideal partner, offering a wide range of indoor LED solutions, customizable options, exceptional quality, and a commitment to collaborative, profitable, and mutually uplifting partnerships.  

Understanding the Integrator’s Role 

Although integrators come equipped with all the tools for seamless installation, finding the best LED products and providers can sometimes prove challenging. A few of these challenges include: 

PixelFLEX LED technician installs LED panels

Analysis Paralysis

With so many vendors to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. Finding the right provider for you starts with weighing your options carefully and keeping considerations such as price and partnership potential top of mind. 


In a crowded marketplace, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the pack while remaining within budget. It’s a balancing act between clients’ needs and the configurability of products, between expectations and budget constraints.  

Project Management

in an industry ripe with supply chain issues, a partner you can rely on is key. The ideal partner is US-based, readily available to answer questions and remedy problems to ensure your project stays on course.  

While this may sound like a lot, finding LED providers who meet all of your requirements is within reach. Don’t settle for a provider who only checks some of your boxes—find someone who checks them all! Collaborating with and forming long-standing relationships with reputable, experienced LED companies will empower you to address your clients’ needs and deliver the best results.  

Key Factors to Consider in an LED Partner 

Beyond foundational barriers to entry like importation/tariff compliance and passing safety inspections, you should also prioritize finding an LED provider based on more meaningful qualities and capabilities, which we’ll go over here. 

Customization and Flexibility  

Turnkey solutions are great, but you need a partner who can tailor their LED solutions to fit specific project requirements. The more personal and customizable the products, the happier your customer will be with the result. At PixelFLEX, our client’s vision is our command.  

PixelFLEX is proud to offer flexible LED technology and customizable LED solutions bendable to the will of any client—many of them quite literally. Regardless of the scope and scale of the project, we’re ready to tailor a custom LED display to fit your needs and budget.  

Technical ability and support  

When looking for the right LED partner, it’s important to choose one who can provide technical expertise and support throughout the entire project. PixelFLEX is home to some of the most dedicated project managers in the industry, each with a passion for our products rivaling only their commitment to customer service.  

PixelFlex is based in the U.S. so we’re easy to get in touch with, and we’re always ready to answer any questions our clients and integration partners might have, and we warrant our panels from edge to edge, pixel to pixel. 

Quality and reliability  

For your clients, few concerns come before quality. That’s why it’s so important to select an LED partner with a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable products.  

We understand that your ultimate goal is to please your customers — because it’s ours too! PixelFLEX is a customer-first organization, and we strive for complete satisfaction every step of the way. By making our customers our top priority, we’ve built a reputation for providing durable, long-lasting, and quality solutions that not only meet our clients’ expectations — but blow them away. 

Collaboration and partnership  

To deliver this caliber of service, a strong partnership between integrator and LED provider is essential. Establishing these long-term relationships starts with an open line of communication and an eagerness to collaborate with one another. We believe in working closely with our integrators to develop a better understanding of their clients’ unique needs, challenges, and long-term goals. Through trust, collaboration, and a mutual understanding of and dedication to our customers, we can transform vision into LED reality.  


While quality is no doubt important, quantity is equally so when it comes to LED. A provider with a diverse portfolio of LED solutions will help you meet the needs of a vast range of clients and projects. PixelFLEX has a wide variety of indoor LED solutions, a few of which include:  

  • FLEXUltra PixelShield – made from some of the highest pitches in the market, FLEXUltra is a versatile, high-definition LED video display complete with our PixelShield scratch-resistant protective coating, magnetic installation modules for ease of use, and quick-releasing cables for service sans tools 
  • ReFLEXion – a sleek standalone LED display ideal for wayfinding, event schedules, tradeshow booths, and corporate events with WIFI support, an integrated media player, and a user-friendly interface making it the perfect budget alternative to a flown LED wall in smaller footprint booths. 
  • A standalone turnkey LED display perfect for wayfinding, event schedules, and tradeshow booths.  
  • FLEXClear – a bright, 60-70% transparent LED screen that can be placed in a window for dynamic display without sacrificing natural light 

As an integrator, you want the best for your clients. That means selecting a reliable, US-based LED provider with a broad range of solutions, customization options, technical expertise and support, high-quality, reliable products, and openness and willingness. to collaborate. PixelFLEX offers all these benefits and then some. When you partner with PixelFLEX, you gain a partner ready and willing to deliver a vast array of reliable, high-quality, and fully customizable indoor LED solutions to customers, no matter the ask.  

When we come together, integrators and LED providers create projects worth their weight in watts — making us twice as desirable to clients when working together than apart. Reach out to our team to start a collaborative partnership built to ensure the best possible fit for every customer.