LED In the Church Blog

Video walls have been growing in popularity at houses of worship, largely due to their brightness, image clarity, and limitless configuration possibilities. They’re also long-lasting and cost effective. Whether you are looking to display song lyrics, sermon points, or live IMAG video, LED walls help project your message in an unforgettable way to captivate your congregation. But video walls are not just useful inside the sanctuary. They can also be used for digital signage throughout the rest of the facility and beyond.

Here are some tips and considerations when planning to add an LED video wall:

Consider the size of screen that you need: Video screens can be as small or as large as desired, so think about how you’ll be using your LED display. Do you want to make a major impact, or do you need to convey information in a more intimate way? A welcoming LED wall, for example, needs to be much larger than a coffee counter menu video display.

Think about location: If the goal of your video wall is to welcome visitors and worshippers, it needs to be visible to every person as they enter your facility. And don’t forget to consider possible outdoor installation locations as well as those inside the sanctuary. If it’s purpose is to direct traffic, make sure it’s in a spot that the masses will be able to see.

Plan for the installation: Will you mount your video display to a wall, or will it be free-standing? Also, consider whether you’ll be able to hide cables and power cords, or if you’ll need to look at other methods of stowing them away.

Examine the surrounding area: How bright is the area where your LED wall or display will be situated? Does your LED wall have to be visible in sunlight, such as a roadside digital LED sign, or will it be used only in a darkened room?

Consider content: Initially, you may only plan to display images and text. But eventually, you may want to create a welcome video or showcase live worship services. You need to consider how you will control and feed content to your walls. Choose a video controller that not only controls and feeds content to your walls now, but also fits your goals for the future.

Prepare for the future: Think about how you’ll want to use your video wall in years to come. As your congregation grows, you’ll want your capabilities to keep pace.

LED video displays can be powerfully deployed throughout your facility to reinforce your message, providing a moving, inspirational worship experience that will not only capture the attention of your congregation, but increase interaction as well. PixelFLEX offers seamless large-format LED displays in a variety of resolutions, providing clear and detailed image displays, with the freedom to reconfigure as much as you want to fit your message.

In addition, we at PixelFLEX understand that there may be a learning curve involved in transitioning to LED display technology. That’s why we offer 24/7 Technical Support, a 2-year product warranty, and service contract options with every one of our LED display products. So not only is your product fully covered — so is your investment.

Considering all the advantages, there’s never been a better time to install an LED wall in your church or house of worship!