Substance Church

Substance Church opened in 2004 under the vision and guidance of lead pastor Peter Haas and an ultra contemporary worship. A fast start led to multiple campuses serving the Twin Cities. It is a young congregation with nearly 70% of its members being under the age of 30, reaching out to the Twin Cities for Christ.

  • Dec 2016

  • REACH Communications and Elite Multimedia


Our Task

With the church’s ultra contemporary worship approach, the church was looking to create a nearly 50′ wide LED screen as the centerpiece of the church’s worship each week. The wall is in a 4K configuration which gives extremely high quality and crisp video playback to the churches congregation.

Product Used



The biggest advantage to working with PixelFLEX is the breadth and flexibility of the product lines they are creating. They are not content to use the same technology over-and-over, but are instead continuing to develop and evolve their products for the betterment of any LED video installation with the best pricing to match.

Adam FreyTechnical Director for Substance

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