Installing Your Custom LED Displays: 5 Key Elements for Success


In today’s competitive business environment, companies must make a concerted effort to differentiate themselves and stand out within a crowded marketplace. One-way organizations are setting themselves apart is through the adoption of LED digital signage. These vibrant and dynamic video screens are proven to drive customer engagement and promote better guest experiences. While digital signage is an excellent tool for content delivery and audience retention, it is only effective when properly integrated into a space.

Successful signage requires 5 key elements: proper planning, the right company, the right product, the right content, and proper calibration.

  • Every LED signage deployment is unique, making it crucial to plan properly. This means defining the goals of the displays. Is the intended video wall meant to entertain, inform, or advertise? What is the source of the content? Is it television, video, internet, live stream, or presentation? Will the content be HD or 4K? Is text readability important? Having firm answers to all these questions is important to ensure a high ROI.
  • While many organizations believe they can integrate LED displays into their space on their own, it would serve them better to turn to a company with expertise in LED installation. This means connecting with an experienced partner that can make a video wall dream a reality. The company should be able to offer custom solutions, and know how to work with architects, designers, engineers, and consultants to blend LED displays with an environment.
  • The right company will be able to recommend the right products for the job. Taking into account the location of the intended video wall, specific professional-grade products will be needed that are suited for the climate and constant 24/7/365 use. The installation company can configure the screens so that they are seamless and provide easy access for future maintenance. These products should be expandable, and contain the necessary cooling fans and robust inputs to allow for an extensive lifetime of usage.
  • Even the most advanced LED displays that are perfectly installed will still not deliver the expected ROI if the right content isn’t broadcasted across the screens. Who is creating the content? Is the content capable of fulfilling the objective or goals of the display? How will it be updated across a network? Is the content configured correctly so that the images are displayed correctly, and not stretched or distorted in any way?
  • An investment in a video wall and the corresponding content won’t pay dividends if the screens aren’t properly calibrated. Each screen must be perfectly and uniformly calibrated for color, brightness and contrast so that images consistently look great. Failing to do so would be throwing money out the window.


By following the five keys to proper LED signage installation, an organization can drive engagement and better guest experiences, ensuring that the investment in the technology pays off. To learn about how PixelFLEX can help integrate LED signage to create memorable moments visit us online today!