PixelFLEX Tools Create a Welcoming Church Environment for Community Members and Visitors


A church’s main goal is to help the community and communicate effectively with their congregants. With smartphones and digital communication becoming the premier tools for presenting information and handling social interaction, churches can more effectively promote events and help their communities by using innovative LED technology. Static signage and banners must be continuously replaced, and can become outdated quickly. According to a recent study, 63% more people notice LED signs than traditional static signage. In order to attract new visitors and ensure important messages reach passing cars, effective signage is key. LED technology can also motivate people in the community to become more involved. Congregation engagement increases as communication about upcoming opportunities and events becomes more immediate and eye-catching to members.

Churches can use this new dynamic medium to interact with members and attract curious newcomers. LED signage is much more effective than banners or regular signs. It can be customized and tailored daily to specific needs and goals. Incorporating digital visual production into signage enhances the communication experience, as LED signs make all messages more striking and efficient. Effective signage is critical in order to reach a large population, particularly in areas with lots of traffic.

First impressions are critical to attract visitors, and professional LED signage can help direct attention and convey important messages. Creative interactive LED signs allow churches to get event announcements out to passing cars to increase congregation involvement and drive newcomer engagement.

Fellowship and community service are of paramount importance in church communities. By employing informative and vivid signage, congregants can get connected with past accomplishments and stay up to date with upcoming events or seminars in the community. LED signs make it easier for visitors to know what events they can attend and can be used as the first form of communication in welcoming newcomers.

As churches search for new ways to intensify their interaction with existing members and attract new ones, sharing messages and announcing opportunities for community involvement can be done most effectively with PixelFLEX’s award winning LED signage. They provide clear and detailed imaging to effectively communicate key thoughts and information. PixelFLEX has a large variety of award winning LED displays to create nearly any size or shape you desire.  Whether the goal of your church community is to increase member involvement, keep the community at large more informed about your events, or simply interact with newcomers, effective LED solutions are the answer.

To learn more about PixelFLEX and start amplifying your church’s message, visit pixelflexled.com today.