Omnichannel Commerce, Part I: Changing the Retail Game


The internet has completely changed the shopping experience. For many consumers, a visit to the store is less about shopping and more about validating the choice they have already made based on their online research. While shoppers appreciate the wide selection and abundance of information found online, most still relish the in-store experience because they can touch, see, and try on the product.

What many customers really want is a shopping experience where online and offline intersect—and yet, too many retailers are still unable to meet the demands of their consumers. People expect retailers to provide consistent, high-quality service throughout the shopping experience, and with all of the options available, merchants must adopt new technologies. It’s time for retailers to learn more about omnichannel commerce and improving the in-store digital experience. Of course, This can be completed in a multitude of ways ranging from digital signage, LED video walls, and digital interactivity.

Recently, Forrester Consulting conducted a study on the impact of omnichannel commerce. It yielded four key findings:

  1. Technology investment is critical to enabling exemplary omnichannel customer experience.
  2. Omnichannel customer experience is now a differentiator.
  3. Many retailers have reached a false state of omnichannel comfort.
  4. New titles alone won’t cut it—retailers must abolish siloed channel strategies altogether.

In short, retailers need to keep up with customers, and with the latest technology, if they want to maintain customer satisfaction and maintain or improve brand perception. Retailers need new ways of thinking to stay in business. Those who succeed have typically done so by achieving a smooth transition from online to in-store shopping channels. They provide customers with a seamless omnichannel experience.

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