PixelFLEX: Here to Serve Your Community as a Committed Communication Partner in the House of Worship


Have you ever thought about the messages your church community conveys every day? Perhaps your message is one of service, of fellowship, and of family values. Your community wants long-time community members as well as visitors to feel welcomed and involved in the good work you’re doing together, each day, each season, and each year. Despite these positive messages, you may be experiencing some turnover in your membership in our ever-changing and increasingly mobile society. With so much turnover and flux in the community, it’s vitally important your church does everything it can to foster member involvement and consistent engagement – to serve its members and the larger world in a meaningful way.

Communicating the story and the mission of the church body effectively, and welcoming newcomers into the vision of that body’s future, is an essential part of fostering deep connection among community members and serving your church’s ongoing mission.

Visual aids have become an indispensable resource for dynamic churches seeking to grow and expand their outreach capabilities. LED displays are a powerful visual aid that many forward-looking communities are embracing, both to communicate with members and to reach the larger community. PixelFLEX solutions have become indispensable providers of visual aids to church communities. LED displays can be used indoors to support worship, and outdoors to make the public aware of what is happening in the church each week. PixelFLEX is a committed partner in communicating your church’s vision.

No technological innovation in the last twenty years has had more impact on attendance and retention at church services than visual enhancements. With growing competition for people’s attention in the form of handheld technology, churches can struggle to capture the eye of its congregation. All denominations are finding impressive ways to engage, inform, and entertain their membership utilizing LED displays. PixelFLEX has been a leading innovator in this relatively recent market, offering churches new possibilities to capture and hold an audience’s interest. Incorporating visuals into sermons, services, music, and announcements enhances the experience for all attendees.

Far more effective than a simple video wall, LED displays can be customized by size, configuration, and resolution. LED outdoor displays can notify passersby of church services and events. Lobby displays can act as welcome centers, creating opportunities to greet and direct new guests to offices, classrooms, or worship services. Incorporated into hallways and other focal points, LEDs can offer anything from purely decorative enhancements, to important announcements, to inspiring messages. With nearly infinite possibilities, LEDs can enhance the door-to-door experience of every church member.

PixelFLEX is an industry leader in harnessing the best of those possibilities for innovative solutions to answer the unique challenges churches face. PixelFLEX’s customizable indoor and outdoor LED displays and signage are striking, seamless, and efficient. Spend some time in one of our client churches and you’ll agree that PixelFLEX’s solutions look like your future.

Church communities that excel at breaking through the standard “noise” of life will stand a much better chance of drawing and retaining new members, which is key to ensuring the organization’s mission to serve. Churches are member-dependent for their purpose. Visit pixelflexled.com/house-of-worship/ to find out how PixelFLEX LED solutions can help you and your church body communicate your purpose.