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Utah-based event designers acquire FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm LED video for their solutions-based inventory to create custom design experiences

Nashville, 3/8/2017 – Located in East American Fork, Utah, Cornerstone AV has built its success creating custom design experiences through a strong foundation of creativity blended with technology. With their strategic approach to event design, Vice President and Executive Producer Chad Fraughton understands that the design team must stay up-to-date with the latest technology solutions. Consistently needing a quality LED video solution to enhance their touring and corporate design creativity, Fraughton approached Nashville-based PixelFLEX and they recently acquired FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm LED video technology.

“Our clients normally drive the demand for new technology and when we made the decision to purchase the FLEXCurtain HD 6.35mm the demands were actually a couple of things,” began Fraughton. “First, one of our vertical markets is the touring industry where the equipment has to install quickly whether it be indoor or outdoor. Next, our corporate clients needed a LED video solution that was fast and easy to assemble where the cost-savings of the labor component would offset the cost of the LED video system. Working with PixelFLEX we were confident that the FLEXCurtain HD would solve both these needs, and our design group has now started designing it into about 75% of all our designs.”

The Parnelli Award-winning FLEXCurtain HD is a lightweight and flexible LED video screen ideal for high-resolution video playback and video effects for a wide range of touring and live event applications. It’s hi-res LED video can be driven by any DVI output, and the multi-directional, flexible design makes it easy to store and transport. FLEXCurtain HD is 60-90% lighter than the competition, and using the quick-lock system, 500 square feet of FLEXCurtain HD can be set up and broken down in under 15 minutes.

“The quality and performance of the FLEXCurtain HD is outstanding,” continued Fraughton. “It is often coming in on one truck and then going out on the next. With such a busy production schedule, we haven’t seen any failures in the technology, and our technicians haven’t had any issues with its performance in the field.”

Initially driven by the demands of the corporate and touring markets, Cornerstone AV is also finding many other applications for the FLEXCurtain HD. Not bound by the limitations of other LED technologies, the FLEXCurtain HD is proving to be a very versatile and valuable asset for the Cornerstone AV design team.

“While the need for the FLEXCurtain HD first arose out of touring applications and corporate events, we are also seeing it as a LED video solution for almost every one of our vertical markets,” added Fraughton. “For example, we recently did a rebranding event for the Vivint Corporation and the NBA arena in Salt Lake City. The event was staged as a press conference in a small room at the arena, and to create something truly unique, we wrapped the entire room in the FLEXCurtain HD. The event organizers really wanted to put the attendees in the new environment, so we thought this would be a great way to immerse everyone in the new Vivint Arena.”

Having now worked with the FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm LED video on a number of design projects, Fraughton is confident that Cornerstone AV made the right decision for their inventory. Now stocked with an LED video solution that can fit into a wide array of production environments, he is excited to also see how the design team will continue to push the limits of its creativity.

“We honestly see the applications of the FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm as almost endless for all our clients whether it be corporate, live event or touring,” concluded Fraughton. “Our talented designers are really enjoying it as a viable, scenic element, and then also as a blank canvas for creativity where the LED technology can be used in many different applications.”

For more information on the FLEXCurtain HD 6.25mm LED video technology at Cornerstone AV visit cornerstoneav.com.

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