For a country that prides itself on pushing the envelope, technologically, we haven’t really been bold with the deployment of outdoor LED displays outside of Times Square or the Vegas Strip. Globally, the market is telling a different story.

“In 2016, it was roughly a $4 billion dollar industry, globally. It’s projected to reach somewhere in the $14-$16 billion dollar range by 2023, so, you’re talking 6 years, 7 years. That’s a lot of growth and it’s something that definitely needs to be looked at. Especially if it’s not in your strategy as a company,” David Venus, Chief Marketing Officer for PixelFLEX said.

Venus, and the industry as a whole, have spoken; outdoor LED screens are here to stay. The applications are continuing to vary and grow in scope, too: they’re powering residential living facilities, sports facilities, commercial building displays, you name it. On today’s podcast, Venus discusses the growth of the technology, the future expansion of use cases for outdoor solutions, and how the integration of these displays into architecture can open up a new world of functionality.

Listen to the entire podcast below.