LED Screens Offer Dynamic Displays That Outshine the Competition

LED Screens Offer Dynamic Displays That Outshine the Competition

All too often, companies spend large amounts on production and editing of high-quality videos, without thinking about how they will actually be seen. The result is that, instead of a bright, engaging and visually grabbing display, important videos are shown using low-resolution projectors, or even a simple screen that is too small to be anything more than an afterthought to customers. For this reason, video walls are becoming key to companies looking to make a strong impression. From creative LED screen entrances, to auditorium viewing screens or even artistic structures incorporating the video itself, video walls have emerged as a versatile and unique alternative to help companies stand out.

What Exactly is a Video Wall?

The name video wall belies the true diversity of options that utilizing such a display system provides. This structural variety is due to the components that make up the video wall. The first of these is the display technology itself. The wall is a series of tiled panels, which can be LCD, LED or even projection cubes, which can be arranged in creative formations, making the design of the display as impactful as the video itself.

The other components are the controller hardware and the video wall software. The controller acts like a hub for all video inputs, from live video feed to cable boxes to edited files. Once the video wall software is integrated with the controller, users are able to access their content through a single interface and then display exactly what they want, how they want. From utilizing the tiles to act as a single, cohesive screen, or instructing individual sections to show different footage, all that can be done in real time from the video wall software. Some controller systems even allow you to prearrange display programs so that your content arrangements are ready to go, right when you need them.

What Sets a Video Wall Apart?

Some budgeting directors have trouble with making an initial investment in a video wall, believing a traditional display to be more cost-effective. But the difference made by having a high-quality video wall is sure to stand out in the customer’s mind. A video wall provides a stunning visual experience, especially since the screen’s resolution increases with each tile or panel added. LED Screens are easier to see in any lighting due to their increased contrast ratio and ability to produce higher brightness output, whereas traditional front projected video displays like LCD and projection on larger scales can be washed out by surrounding light.

Video walls also give companies the flexibility they need to display any content in almost any manner they can think of. From curved video-tunnels to 3-D structures to a standard wall with dynamic video locations, video walls with LED screens offer an unmatched versatility. That, combined with the fact that they require minimal maintenance, even when in constant use, means they more than make up for the initial installation costs.

Finding the Perfect Display

From welcome signs to control room operating displays, video walls have the ability to impact all areas of a business. PixelFLEX is the industry leader in providing one-of-a-kind visual experiences so companies can outshine the competition. Whether you need large displays of a live-feed for events at stadiums, or want to create a unique and engaging interactive display to draw in new clients, PixelFLEX can help you find an LED screen solution in almost any shape, size or configuration you can imagine. To learn more, visit pixelflexled.com/led-walls/ today!