Lighting Up The World Through Sports: The Power Of Fine Pixel LED Solutions In Stadiums and Arenas


It’s late in the fourth quarter and a bead of sweat drips from Lebron James’s head onto the hardwood. The headband that was a staple of his wardrobe for years has been conspicuously absent this season and with the score tied 89-89 in the 2016 NBA Finals game 7 versus the Warriors, the entire stadium can feel the mounting pressure.

Kyrie Irving drives toward the bucket, completes a beautiful hop step with gracefulness not seen in mere mortals, and lofts up a high arching floater. The ball bounces into the basket, and right back out. Perennial 6th man of the year Andre Iguodala rips the ball down and starts the fast break. He quickly flips the rock to Stephen Curry who takes a dribble and delivers a flawless bounce pass right back. As Andre Iguodala goes to lay in what could be one of the final shots of the game, the massive hand of Lebron appears out of nowhere and pins the ball to the glass. The crowd erupts and the Cavaliers regain possession and go on to win the game.

Moments like this are why millions of people a year flock to sports stadiums. The energy of tens of thousands of fellow fans watching their favorite team is an almost unmatched experience. For centuries, these venues have been able to capitalize on world class competition to draw massive crowds.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for even the best sports teams in the country to sell out. Why? Two words: consumer choices.

We are living in what is perhaps the golden age of entertainment. Customers have a plethora of ways they can consume high quality content including cell phones, flat screen TV’s, VR, La-Z-Boy recliners, gaming consoles, and even their local sports bar, just to name just a few.

To create an immersive and successful experience, sports stadiums need an integrated digital approach that brings the game to life, creates additional revenue, and can even potentially affect the outcome. The solution is dynamic LED display systems.

LED displays can impact an arena in the following ways:

Creating New Spaces That Draw Visitors

LED signage can transform unproductive areas into destinations that create very high revenue per square foot. The Miami Heat, for example, took what was an empty outdoor concrete plaza and used digital signage to create the Miami Heat Xfinity Plaza. Using five custom built cylindrical displays, the Heat created an area that now generates profits for hours before and after games. They can even rent this space out separately for an additional income stream!

Increasing Fan Engagement

Did you know that nearly 83% of sports fans say they check Social Media while they are at the game?[1] By offering live feeds of fans posting pictures, videos, and comments on social media, digital signage can be used as an opportunity to heighten the shared experience. It’s important not to forget that chances for engagement are not limited to just the big screen. The reFLEXion model is a portable and customizable display, perfect for a space like the team gear shop.

Directing the Flow of Traffic

LED displays can act as great traffic managers. A clear and bright display is the best way to get spectators to where they need to be whether that is their seat, the restrooms or the concession stands. While they might not know it, fans are there for more than just the game. LED displays can make sure they know about everything the stadium or arena has to offer.

Providing Additional Advertising Revenue

As stadiums and arenas look to diversify their revenue streams, digital display solutions offer an extra opportunity for advertising dollars. Both local and national sponsors can use integrated digital displays to target key customers and offer unique deals.

The driver behind these possibilities is Fine Pixel Pitch technology.

Fine Pixel Pitch technology has an extremely high pixel density, dynamic high-definition display, enhanced brightness, and can be curved for custom or unique displays. The pitch on these screens which can range from 1.2MM – 2.5 mm, allows fans to clearly see displays from dozens of angles and substantial distances. HD video quality provides a high-end experience that trumps any handheld or digital experience a fan might have at home.

PixelFLEX is an AV industry leader that offers three fine pitch solutions that can be customized for a variety of products.


These 2mm curve-able LED displays create unmatched opportunities without sacrificing the resolution of the screen. The FLEXultra has a slim design that can be wrapped around curved surfaces and tiled for perfect video ratios.


TrueFLEX is a revolutionary product boasting fanless construction. This means that TrueFLEX can be wrapped around anything while maintaining high resolution.


The reFLEXion LED stand is a plug and play video display designed for commercial users. This stand can be moved throughout stadium spaces to maximize viewer experience and is the perfect replacement for outdated backlit signage.

Sports aren’t going anywhere, but if stadium and arenas want to keep the games as compelling for fans as possible, they must embrace new digital signage solutions. Let our team help you come up with ideas on how to upgrade your visitor experience! See how PixelFLEX created a unique and exciting experience for Nashville Predator fans in the Lexus Lounge by clicking the link below!