Are You Overpaying by Purchasing a Higher Resolution LED Display Than You Need?

Pixel Resoltuion Example

When buying an LED display, no one wants to overpay by purchasing a higher resolution than is required to do the job. On the other hand, you want to purchase a display that delivers a crisp, clear picture to the intended audience. To ensure you are buying exactly the display you need and no more, it is essential to understand how viewing distance and resolution correlate.

Recommended viewing distances are somewhat subjective, but can be roughly calculated based on the resolution, display type, application, and intended use. The higher the resolution you have, the clearer your content will appear. Text size is another important consideration. In general, larger characters can be viewed from a longer distance at a lower resolution.

Resolution in an LED display is the result of a specification called pixel pitch. Pixel pitch describes the spacing of individual pixels. In the case of a color display, it is the physical distance measured in millimeters between the center of an LED diode and the next closest diode on the board. Generally speaking, the larger the pitch number, the lower the resolution of the display with more pixelization. Likewise, the lower the pitch number, the higher the resolution will be, resulting in less pixelization. As a rule of thumb, each time pixel pitch is reduced by a millimeter, a viewer can stand one meter closer to the display.

Resolution is proportional to the number of pixels contained in the physical area of your LED display. The more pixels you have per square meter, the more detail your wall will display. When viewed from the recommended minimum viewing distance, these pixels will appear connected, giving a smooth, colorful image, without the appearance of any spaces between pixels or separation of the LEDs. In addition to pixel pitch, the effective resolution is also influenced by display size, pixel technology, and viewing distance.

Each display has a recommended minimum viewing distance that may vary based on the application and the intended use. Understanding how viewing distance and resolution correlate can help you choose the right product to meet your unique needs, potentially saving you a ton of money. When choosing a digital display, consider the ideal viewing distance from the sign to help choose the correct pixel pitch.

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