For live productions of all shapes and sizes, visual aids can significantly enhance the experience for everyone involved. Depending on the situation, however, productions run the risk of encountering screen size and outdoor projection limitations. The good news is these obstacles can be easily overcome with LED video screen rentals. By providing some simple information to consider before renting LED screens, PixelFLEX can help ensure your event is a success, and that you have access to all of the LED video screen rental options you need to produce an appealing, immersive event.

Live productions often require high-quality visual aids to help enhance the experience and ensure an engaging, successful event. Unfortunately, projection limitations are a common occurrence for outdoor events, and screen size limitations can be an issue regardless of venue.

LED video screen rentals represent a convenient solution for these issues.

Regardless of the occasion, there are many positive benefits to using LED video screens for your live productions. When used properly, LED video screens can create an incredible impact, offering a high degree of immersion for your audience. From a business perspective, LED video walls provide an easy-to-use, excellent vehicle for sponsorship activation and branding opportunities. These screens can be used as stage backdrops, making them the center of attention for your audience and further compounding these advantages. Screens can be run from media servers, which allow for more freedom to implement interactive elements to suit any occasion. Logistically, LED screens are lightweight, and can be arranged for either ground-supported or aerial-rigged configurations.

PixelFLEX offers a wide range of high-quality products to address your specific production needs, no matter what the event may be, through its rental vendor network. From their LED display system sales and LED screen rentals to their after-purchase support and service, PixelFLEX has you covered. The company is dedicated to providing top-tier, customer-focused support throughout the entire experience. PixelFLEX is a U.S. company driven toward excellence to meet your own personal standards of customer support, and wants to help ensure customers make the most out of their live events.

PixelFLEX provides high-quality products capable of withstanding the elements at indoor and outdoor events. PixelFLEX products are used regularly for the Luke Bryan Tour, ESPN X-Games and for large corporate companies like Boing and Google. PixelFLEX offers an array of high-quality LED screens to choose from, including the FLEXLite II, FLEXLite Plus, FLEXCurtain, and FLEXCurtain HD, all of which can be rented for live productions. These visual aids can dramatically improve the impact of your event, allowing you to produce a memorable scene for any occasion. The wide selection of video screen rental options means you can easily enjoy the perfect solution for your production, tailored to meet your own specifications.

To plan and orchestrate a live production that truly engages an audience and enhances their experience, visual aids can make a huge difference. LED video screen rentals allow you to avoid many of the pitfalls and limitations of other options, while providing the flexibility you require to enhance your event. PixelFLEX can help ensure your success with a wide range of LED screen rental options. To learn more about how PixelFLEX can help, visit today!