Improve the Campus Experience and Engage Students with LED Technology


Brick-and-mortar institutions are under tremendous pressure to compete with the surge in the online learning industry. Investing in education-based technologies such as video walls provides an excellent way to attract tech-savvy students to campuses. Video walls provide a collaborative learning environment that dissipates information faster than traditional methods. Moreover, they highlight an educational institution’s commitment to the role of technology in education and indicate a willingness to meet the highest standards in imparting education.

Statistics indicate 38% of students prefer not be away from technology for more than ten minutes. Over 50 percent of students prefer areas of education that use technology. Moreover, 96 percent of students notice digital signage instantaneously, and its interactive nature helps 60 percent of students recall lessons many days after exposure. Brick-and-mortar institutions that invest in LED signage have a clear edge over other institutions. LED signage fosters higher enrollment numbers.

Digital signage advances the learning process and is cost-effective in the long-run. For example, in 2014, Saint Louis University saved $75,000 on a seven-year basis by switching to video walls from high-performance projectors for its medical school imaging applications. Video walls not only offer 24/7, 365-days-a-year support and lower costs, but also become the showstoppers of the space they inhabit. These walls create a platform for research and development and provide means for conveying vital information about emergencies or threats within thirty minutes (as mandated by law). Moreover, solutions that combine multiple tasks in the same system can significantly benefit the institution by engaging current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and administration for academic excellence.

Online universities have been a game-changer in higher education, which makes it necessary to capitalize on every opportunity to draw students. Video walls afford a natural edge in this regard. The future of digital signage is promising, and companies like PixelFLEX can create unique solutions customized to specific campuses and their goals. PixelFLEX LED displays produce clear and detailed imaging. Screens of nearly any size and shape are possible. One clear benefit of LED signage for universities is their versatility. Messages can be changed in an instant, and PixelFLEX can assist campus administrators in configuring, updating and troubleshooting from anywhere – their office, or remotely, using a web-based configuration tool. Our desire to improve the campus experience and build communities will prevail with new technology and inventions that can revolutionize learning.

In a world of ever-increasing tuition costs, the students’ school of choice should not only be best for them academically but also worth their investment. Universities around the country have used digital signage to create a powerful impression on prospective students. Large, dynamic and engaging video walls create ‘showpieces’ on campuses, which provide an instant appeal to visitors. Award-winning displays from PixelFLEX can be customized to your needs and vision in seamless LED, with clear and detailed imaging. PixelFLEX has an extensive range of creative solutions ranging from 2-100mm indoor, outdoor and curvable configurations. To learn more, visit today!