What Experience Does Your Lobby Deliver? Elevate it with LED Digital Displays

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Walking into the lobby of your building, what is a guest’s first impression? You may have beautifully tiled floors and elegant furniture, but what kind of visual experience are you creating?

When clients or prospective employees walk through your door, their eyes will initially be drawn to your walls. While paintings of abstract art or murals that depict your brand are nice accents, a premium digital display offers a unique opportunity to both communicate and vaunt everything that’s great about your brand. With content that can be changed regularly, allowing you to tailor messaging, digital displays offer advantages that still art simply cannot compete with.

How to Integrate LEDs Into Your Lobby Experience

There are many ways to use LEDs to create a one of a kind guest experience, including video walls, dynamic art, interactive elements, and personalization.

  • LED Video Walls

You’ve got walls, so use them! An LED video wall can make a striking first impression. Video walls show off your brand’s affinity for technology, bringing huge impact to your space with colorful, vivid imagery related to either the products you create or your brand’s story.

  • Digital Signage as Art

Using LEDs as art isn’t new; in fact, digital media is just another form of visual expression. Hotels in Las Vegas have implemented digital signage for years, while those who’ve visited The Cosmopolitan Hotel may remember their snow scene lobby displays. It’s best to employ a creative services department or mixed media artists when creating this type of content.

  • Interactive Displays

Immersive experiences are becoming very popular in corporate office lobbies, and there are many ways these collaborative kiosks can be deployed. For instance, creating a vibrant, interactive historic company timeline that allows visitors to touch different years and see imagery and content related to that year’s activities is far more engaging than a printed static timeline. These displays can also include other interactive applications such as wayfinding, Q&A, and fun facts.

  • Personalized Communications

Personalized messaging customized to specific clients, prospects, or visitors can differentiate your organization from the pack. Content can be as simple as a welcoming message, or perhaps even a short video that demonstrates how your organization works with partners. Little nods of personalized recognition let your guests know they’re appreciated.

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