The National Geographic Channel Uses PixelFLEX to Create Futuristic Environments

Nat Geo_ Brain Games_FeatPhoto

FLEXCurtain LED video screen finds a new application on “Brain Games” commercial

Nashville, July 20, 2015 – Working with production company Variable and design studio Meptik, the industry-leading lightweight, flexible PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain was selected for an application beyond traditional video use in a commercial for the National Geographic Channel. Featured as a futuristic, movable environment, eight panels of the PixelFLEX 100mm FLEXCurtain LED video screen were used to create a textured environment promoting the hit show “Brain Games.”

“Our goal for the shoot was to put the host of the show, Jason Silva, in a highly imaginative environment that felt futuristic and scientific,” said Andy Baker, SVP/Group Creative Director for the National Geographic Channels. “As we discussed many different options, I came across some inspirational images online that showcased a ‘light garden’ featuring thousands of LED and fiber optic lights illuminating a space. It was something I hadn’t seen done very much, and the fact that we could use the FLEXCurtain LED screens to become a living, breathing organism that could surround Jason was extremely exciting.”

The PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain is an ultralight, flexible LED wall that weighs 60-90% less than other large LED screen options. Available in custom sizes, 500 square feet of FLEXCurtain can be setup and broken down in under 15 minutes using the easy to setup quick-lock system, and accepts video and photo content from any DVI-D source.

Baker continued, “Jason has an incredible on-camera presence and energy, and we wanted the location and set to sit naturally with that spirit and have an energy all its own. The spot needed to reflect Jason’s natural wonder and curiosity, and give him a visually interesting backdrop where he could do his performance. A static, flat environment simply wouldn’t work and while we traditionally might have added those elements in post with graphics and CGI, we wanted this one to feel more in-camera, so we used the FLEXCurtain LED screens to build a true and tangible world around him.”

To create the shots needed, Baker and Meptik owner Nick Rivero decided to set up the FLEXCurtain in an L-shape with fiber optic lights mounted to the floor. Next they programmed a series of low res animations with the National Geographic Channel logo, plus other background textures such as a star curtain and fiber optic curtain. Additionally, they also used the FLEXCurtain to create an alien landscape with digital textures of synapses.

Rivero explained further, “We got a lot of use out of the FLEXCurtain. Outside of a tour, live event or corporate setting, I think people might wonder why we would use low res LED video, but looking at our environmental concepts we were able to create wonderfully, dynamic imagery. The PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain was cost-effective, easy to set-up, and it worked great.”

Baker concluded, “The shoot looked incredible because the FLEXCurtain gave us so many options and cool perspectives. Our macro shots with the LED light defocused in the background looked amazing as did the wider shots where the curtain played a bigger part of the shot. We were blown away by the final product and the FLEXCurtain allowed us to achieve all of our goals both technically and creatively.”

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