Intimate Country Tour Made Possible by Custom LED Panels

Nashville, March 10, 2014 — Multi-Platinum country artist Gary Allan, PixelFLEX’s custom LED panels and a single trailer were essential to making the 2014 “Set You Free” tour a unique and personal experience for Allan fans.

Eight custom pieces were designed for the national, year-long tour. One foot by four foot strips of FLEXCurtain were wrapped around frames built by Accurate Staging, and each pod houses a moving head light in order to better integrate the two worlds.

“They came to us with a creative idea, and we helped design custom pieces that curve around frames; that created a lot of depth within their video rig,” said David Venus, PixelFLEX Director of Marketing. “They’re actually pulling video into multiple trusses, creating almost a roof over the stage to bring the video closer and closer to the audience.”

The custom FLEXCurtain acts as a pod over each individual Clay Paky Sharpy lighting fixture. The main truss, which boasts four video and lighting pods, is always hung at the venues the ACM Award-nominated artist is currently playing at. And depending on size, the second truss is rigged to give the roof-like effect.

The larger and traditional FLEXCurtain panels that hang along the back allowed Gary Allan’s production manager Sean Gary to have a more visually appealing-produced show, while allowing them to stick to a single trailer.

“We don’t use them as most people typically would — as a wall,” Gary said. “We hang five panels individually staggered. It continues to create depth and gives the appearance of a bigger show.”

The addition of the FLEXCurtain is enabling the “Set You Free” tour to hang their video despite the size or restrictions of smaller clubs and venues.

“Since it’s so lightweight, we can hang our full rig anywhere we go,” Gary said.

Gary Allan will be touring with PixelFLEX through the end of his 2014 tour.