PixelFLEX™ tells the story of the Internet with Hyperquake

PixelFLEX tells the story of the Internet with Hyperquake Featured Image

Experiential design specialists install a new, high-definition FLEXUltra LED with PixelShield video system inside the Washington D.C. headquarters of a worldwide technology leader

Nashville, TN (5/7/2019) – Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hyperquake is dedicated to creating and producing client experiences that uncover a unique story. From permanent installations to live events, their team of talented Storybuilders® are empowered to build an engaging environment that inspires people to act. When approached by a worldwide technology leader to create the story of the Internet for their Washington D.C. headquarters, the experiential design specialists worked with the integration firm Whitlock and Nashville-based PixelFLEX™ to install a visual work of art using FLEXUltra LED video with impact-resistant PixelShield.

“The client desired to pair a visually striking digital installation with compelling content that demystified and revealed the physical nature of internet infrastructure,” began David Berninger, Project Manager, Hyperquake. “Since this piece would be a digital sculpture as opposed to a simple video display, we needed a high-definition solution that was visually seamless, versatile, and cost-effective; which would allow our client to demonstrate the importance of an investment in innovation to deliver the future.”

Getting started on the design of the installation, Berninger was familiar with the possibilities offered from a PixelFLEX LED video system. Replacing an outdated LCD monitor wall, he was confident that a FLEXUltra solution would allow them to better tell the story necessary through a unique and engaging visual experience.

“We had previously collaborated with PixelFLEX on another custom installation that was a great success and we wanted to continue that rhythm,” continued Berninger. “Since LED video offers so much more flexibility than traditional displays, we were able to open up many more doors to explore the idea, and it allowed our vision for the design to be viable and executable.”

A dynamic and high definition LED display, FLEXUltra from PixelFLEX LED allows for boundless opportunities to experience true HD quality video with the creative freedom to define any space. Utilizing the impact and scratch-resistant COB PixelShield™ technology for long-lasting performance, FLEXUltra is designed in a convenient 16:9 ratio and has a 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angle. With fully font-serviceable panels for quick and easy onsite installation and maintenance, FLEXUltra operates with a 3840Hz refresh rate to eliminate on-camera scan lines and flicker, and is available in 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 1.9mm pixel pitch options.

“The structure is a custom fabricated piece consisting of five wood and metal frames that are cleated to the installation surface,” added Berninger. “Using a robust media server, which is tied into a Crestron system for on-demand control, the dynamic content was then created to be shuffled around as necessary and still flow together seamlessly.”

Now complete, the new digital sculpture entitled “This is the Internet” has been creating quite a stir inside the lobby of the Washington D.C. corporate headquarters. Drawing on the power and performance which can only be found through an HD LED video system, the story of the world wide web is being told like never before. 

“The new design is a great addition to the facility, and we have been busy expanding the capabilities of the installation further as everyone wants their own custom content for it,” concluded Berninger. “On this project, we were on a tight timeline, but PixelFLEX LED was able to deliver which was critical to the success. They are great collaborators for a creative agency, and they are very solution-minded when it comes to creating unique digital experiences.”

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