PixelFLEX LED Curtains Give Hectic Skillet Tour Crew a Welcomed Break


A relentless and tireless tour schedule defines the Christian rock band, Skillet, as they travel far and wide to deliver as many as 150 performances annually to their fans. Such a demanding calendar requires high-quality equipment that can easily bend, mold and form to every venue as the production crew desires, which is exactly what PixelFLEX LED Curtains provides for the group.

Flexible in all directions, PixelFLEX LED Curtains are able to bend and shape around structures for a more creative display. Aside from offering varied settings and visuals, PixelFLEX panels pack up quickly and with very little hassle. “For the crew, the biggest benefit is the ease of use; it goes up and down very easy,” said Scotty Rock, production manager for the band. “The biggest sell for me is the fact that I can fit our entire wall in three half pack trunks and stack them three tall if I need to, which saves a lot of truck space.” Skillet has used PixelFLEX panels for multiple purposes, including the streaming of entirely custom and original content. The curtains have also been used to display and playback video as well as for effects.

Videos and images can be sent to the screen using any computer with a DVI-D connection – PixelFLEX LED Curtains are available from low resolution to high resolution, allowing users to demonstrate simple effects or elaborate videos. The high caliber visual components of the curtains come with equally impressive customer service assistance and without the need for an extensive budget.

During a recent tour, 20mm PixelFLEX panels were used in the round and hung from a 30-foot circle truss over the stage, giving onlookers a video show of 360 degrees during the performance. Currently, Skillet is using 18mm panels that are lined up one tall and ten wide to create a 40-foot wide and eight-foot tall wall that is flown with high-speed chain motors to move up and down during the show.

“I was surprised when I needed to take the wall down during a changeover and all my hands disappeared,” said Rock. “I was able to take the whole thing down myself in ten minutes and we packed it into the case in another five minutes.

” The Skillet production team prefers PixelFLEX curtains for their weight and flexibility. The production team is extremely happy with the versatile panels and is excited to incorporate them into shows for years to come.

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