PixelFLEX™ goes to the Farmer’s Market with The ESB Group


Design Engineer Patrick Sobers revitalizes the guest experience at the Tuscaloosa River Market with a new FLEXLite NXG 4.8mm LED video display

Nashville, 2/1/2018 – Located on the banks of the Black Warrior River, the Tuscaloosa River Market is an open-air Farmer’s Market and multi-use public facility which hosts weddings, rehearsal dinners, civic gatherings and more. Originally opened in 2012, the market has continued to grow in popularity with multiple events typically scheduled each week throughout the year. Now needing a more high-powered digital display to better inform visitors of the upcoming events, the Tuscaloosa River Market called upon the design team at The ESB Group who created a bright and colorful digital display using FLEXLite NXG LED video from PixelFLEX™.

“The market has been open for approximately five years now, and they had been relying a projector and screen system that was really only effective during the twilight hours,” began Patrick Sobers, The ESB Group Design Engineer. “As a multi-use public facility, the challenge was to retrofit the AV System so that they could have the brightness needed to also support the daytime events. Building on the success we previously had at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater using PixelFLEX technology, we decided to go with the same product family and installed a 4.8mm FLEXLite NXG LED video system.”

Using front-serviceable video panels, plus seamless right-angle corner capabilities, FLEXLite NXG from PixelFLEX™ is one of the highest resolution LED video displays on the market today. Available in 2.6-6.25mm pitch options, plus a 6.25mm full outdoor IP65 version as well, the FLEXLite NXG 500mm x 500mm video tiles are calibrated directly out of the box to ensure perfect color and brightness to help realize the full potential of any LED video design.

Sobers continued, “After consulting with PixelFLEX about the right technology, we looked at both a 3.9mm and 4.8mm option, but decided the latter would be the best fit for the install. When looking at the physical layout of the space, there are two 30-degree wall flanks on either side of the screen, so we decided to put the biggest wall possible on the flat, center section. For the height consideration, there was a large, iron header bar that we would have to contend with in the ceiling. To gauge the ideal height, we stood in the back of the room and placed it as high as possible, without being obstructed by header bar, which made it about 8-feet from the bottom of LED video screen.”

Ready to now begin the install, the FLEXLITE NXG system would need to be mounted to an interior concrete wall which overlooks the open-air venue. Excited to see the improvement LED video would make in the venue, The ESB Group was able use the existing control room of the old projection system, while also putting some finishing touches on the display as well.

“To hang the LED video wall, we used a Unistrut metal framing system to tie the frame into the concrete wall which was covered with a brick veneer,” added Sobers. “We also worked with another company to finish out the edges of the frame using a perforated metal that looks fantastic. They had an existing rack room with a Crestron DM Switcher, so we feed the stage inputs from there. The finished 4.8mm FLEXLite NXG wall is approximately 11.5-feet by 6.5-feet, and it makes a dramatic improvement to the AV capabilities of the venue.”

As more multi-use facilities continue to explore the possibility of using digital displays to heighten the guest experience, there are particular design aspects that one should always remember. Wanting the display to be a dynamic source of information, Sobers believes that the performance capabilities of LED video make it the ideal solution.

“When looking to create an LED video design for this type of venue, you always need to keep an eye on your audience distance, from the closest sets of eyes all the way the furthest person away,” explained Sobers. “Additionally, since owners will want to run these types of displays in broad daylight, you need the brightness of LED video over projection. At the Tuscaloosa River Market this is imperative as they continually display upcoming events that guests might be interested in attending, and if they can’t see it, they won’t know.”

With the design and install complete, the FLEXLite NXG LED video system has revitalized the digital experience at the Tuscaloosa River Market. Operating daily under the management of the City of Tuscaloosa, the improvements to the AV system had to be a cost-effective solution as well, which is exactly what the LED video system from PixelFLEX™ provided.

“It’s exciting to see LED video becoming so much more affordable for municipalities,” concluded Sobers. “A lot of cities own their own Arena’s and other multi-use facilities, and I feel like LED video is now bringing them the technology at the price point they can afford. It’s easy to show them the obvious performance benefits, but now they can also justify the expenditure as a budget item, and it’s a great tool for them to use.”

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