PixelFLEX™ becomes a focal-point of engagement for Hino Trucks USA HQ

HINO Trucks HQ LED Wall Featured Image

Award-winning LED video manufacturer installs two high-definition LED video displays designed to create a dynamic and memorable corporate environment

Nashville, TN (2/26/2019) – Recognized globally as one of the premier work truck manufacturers around the world, Hino Motors, Ltd. is now also one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the United States as well. Needing a new national headquarters that could bring together all of their US corporate operations into one facility, the company recently unveiled their state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Novi, Michigan. Wanting the 124,000-square foot facility to be a shining example of how innovative technology can impact the work environment, Hino Trucks worked with Nashville-based PixelFLEX™ to create two dynamic and memorable displays using FLEXUltra 2.5mm and FLEXTour 2.8mm LED video.

“Previously, Hino Trucks and Hino Motors Manufacturing were separated in two different locations, and while we had common goals, we were operating as individual entities,” began Dominik Beckman, Director of Marketing and Dealer Operations, Hino Trucks. “With the new building, we set out to drive as much synergy as possible between the two companies and to also demonstrate a true sense of what we are all about in value added ways. From a purpose standpoint, we utilize state-of-the-art technology in everything we do, so we wanted to express this in our building and provide a unique experience for both our team and customers.”

“We now have two environments in which we are taking advantage of PixelFLEX LED technology,” continued Beckman. “The first is our Insight Diagnostic Center where we are using the high-definition FLEXUltra LED video wall to provide real-time status for 40,000 Hino trucks running throughout the United States that are reporting location, vehicle health, and performance. This is a daily operational focal point for our team that also clearly conveys to our customers that we are doing everything we can to support them.”

A dynamic, high definition and curve-able LED display, the FLEXUltra allows boundless opportunities to create an unforgettable video experience with each frame manufactured specifically for the installation. Utilizing the ideal tile size for deployment of both 16:9 and 4:3 video ratios, FLEXUltra has a 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angle which offers one of the highest off-axis viewing angles in the industry, and the fully front-serviceable panels allow for quick and easy onsite installation and maintenance. With a 3869Hz refresh rate, FLEXUltra panels are available in 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm and 2.5mm pixel pitch options.

“The Insight Diagnostic Center video screen measures approximately 26-feet wide and 9-feet high, and is communicating through a control module provided by PixelFLEX that can accept multiple inputs,” added Beckman. “We then have an online CMS solution that manages the display and the different content areas.”

Turning their attention to the next location, the new facility would also house a corporate auditorium which would host a variety of company events. Wanting to continue using the latest in technology innovation in order to create an impactful event environment, the team at PixelFLEX installed two high-definition FLEXTour LED video displays.

“The second location is our Auditorium which is a large classroom where we conduct our employee meetings, customer events, and award ceremonies,” explained Beckman. “This is really an all-purpose room with a capacity of about 250 people, and we have two LED screens that measure approximately 14-feet long and 6-feet high. Our goal for this multi-purpose space was to create HD presentation displays that would be as simple as possible from a user standpoint.”

A robust, high-definition and curve-able LED video display, FLEXTour is designed specifically for the high demands of live entertainment productions. With its unique rigging capabilities that allow for traditional and off-set configurations, each 500mmx1000mm tile is fully front-serviceable and its integrated climbing ladder allows for quick access to displays flown high overhead. Built with the highest standard in components including the new NovaStar A8s receiving card, FLEXTour is completely flicker-free making it one of the premier LED video design solutions available today. 

“PixelFLEX has been a strategic partner for a number of years,” acclaimed Beckman. “They truly make us better and by this I mean, more effective communicators, which is accomplished by collaborating with PixelFLEX from the start of projects.”

Now complete, the new Hino Trucks USA headquarters has been attracting attention for its modern design and inventive technology showcase. Knowing the impact that can be created by a dynamic LED display in a corporate environment, the new facility stands ready to leave a lasting impression on all who walk through its doors. 

“For someone who is considering LED video integration for a new building or office, you really have to think about the payback in the end,” concluded Beckman. “You have to look at the value it brings from a first impression and memorability standpoint, and the return on investment that comes with it. Having a dynamic and custom workplace experience energizes both our employees and visitors. It may be hard to quantify up front, but remarkably apparent after experiencing the end result.”

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