Omnichannel Commerce, Part 3: Enhancing Customer Experience with Digital Signage


Although a vast majority of shoppers still prefer to buy at bricks-and-mortar stores, smart retailers are finding creative ways to digitally enhance customer experiences. In previous posts, we have already discussed omnichannel commerce and several pioneering digital engagement tools for retailers. Now let’s look at more powerful ways to enhance the customer experience with digital signage to improve in-store sales.

Humans are very visual, and the internet only seems to be making us more so. That means brands, in order to stand out in a competitive environment, need to attract the eye. Here is where digital signage comes into play. If you want to successfully engage customers with digital signage, you need to make sure your signs are well-designed, with good color and pitch, and strategically placed throughout the store so customers can notice new products, promotions, and discounts. The key is engaging your customer’s senses—if you can get them to touch a screen and interact, even better.

The important thing is to make the experience memorable. Part of doing so requires you to know your audience. Since your customers will change throughout the day, adjusting the message on your digital signage can make them feel special. You want your customer to feel a particular sale or promotion is just for them. Digital signs can also allow you to display social media recommendations and show product reviews from a variety of high-impact sources. LED signs allow you to do so with the highest quality and with maximum flexibility.

Employers can also use digital signs to improve employee relations and productivity. Display company announcements, training videos, updates, events, and other company-related information in every break room in every store—or in target stores, if the information is local.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for retailers, helping management communicate with employees and ensuring the benefits of online shopping can be brought into physical stores around the world to create better shopping experiences. People’s need for physical space and for the best information available at the time means digital signage is a win-win for customers and retailers alike. And when you adopt LED digital signs, you get numerous extra benefits, not the least of which is lower costs to run the signs. Less electricity use means lower costs for you, and it also means a lower carbon fingerprint—LED benefits both the bottom line and the environment!

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