Mountain View Staging – PixelFLEX Rental Partner Spotlight

Mountain View Staging (MVS) has developed a reputation as one of the industries leading providers of Corporate event production in the US. They can handle any size event and using the latest technology they can help you connect with your audience in ways that many other event companies can’t. They are an industry leader in creating innovative events that are focused on the attendee experience and interactivity to provide a compelling and memorable platform for your message. Based in Salt Lake City, MVS has seen significant growth and since expanded to San Fransisco and tHe Washington, D.C. areas.

We recently had a Q&A Session with Director of Operations, Robert Johnson, and here is what he had to say about MVS.

As a live event production provider, what do you feel are the most important factors to consider when creating a successful live event?

“Making a successful event from our perspective is all about meeting our client’s expectations and goals. Every decision that we make is guided by the end result we want to achieve for our clients.”

When you first get started on creating the production design behind any live event, what are your top-level priorities as you begin the design process?

Starting off with a budget and an understanding of the event venue are important first steps even before the design process begins. The next step would be to work closely with a client’s marketing team to understand how they want their content displayed and what are their priorities are. Then we can get more creative and select layouts and equipment that will maximize the attendee experience within those parameters.  Far too often in our industry this is done in reverse and goals, budgets and especially content are thought of after the design process is complete.

How would you describe Mountain View Staging’s design approach? 

We prefer a collaborative approach to design and involve our clients in the process whenever possible. MVS utilizes interactive pre-visualization technology to give clients a real preview of their event before it happens.

As the technology for creating live events continues to evolve, how does Mountain View Staging keep up-to-date with the latest product innovations and event solutions?

The key to staying up-to-date for MVS is a balance between having what we need to make the show cutting edge but not too experimental. We prefer to see new equipment fully tested before we use it on a live event. We are always looking for anything that may be disruptive to our industry so we can lead the innovation.

When did Mountain View Staging first start using LED video in your live event designs? What types of applications first drew you to use LED video?

We started working with LED about 3 years ago when we noticed a growing demand for it and an increase in image quality. The ability to use it in small rooms or bright rooms was the first reason we begin offering it to our clients.

When did Mountain View Staging decide to make an investment in a rental inventory of LED video, and what were the driving factors to make the investment? 

LED is an emerging technology that we have been watching for several years waiting for the moment where it would rival projection in terms of image quality. We finally bought in with our first wall when 2.9mm touring specific panels were introduced. The flexibility of setup options and the brightness are the biggest advantages of LED for our clients. We have seen a growing demand for curved walls and unique shapes.

As you researched the various LED video solutions on the market, what initially drew your attention to the PixelFLEX™ product line?

The flexibility of the products available and the support of the PixelFLEX representatives.

Looking at the live event market today, where do you see the greatest impact of LED video?

LED video is thankfully increasing the emphasis on creating great content to match the unique configurations that LED makes possible. It is literally causing clients to think outside the 16:9 or 4:3 box. We are excited to work with creative clients who can

Throughout your experience in the live event market, what would you say is the most unique application of the Mountain View Staging LED video from PixelFLEX?

Our usage of PixelFLEX in a unique way started right out of the box on the first event we did at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco with a giant curved wall. The contrast of the modern curved LED wall with the historic theater was memorable. We have a couple upcoming events that will make that first usage seem normal in comparison that we are excited to share when we can.

When your clients speak about the available technologies that can help them create the type of event they desire, what do you feel is the biggest advantage to incorporating LED video elements?

Flexibility and creativity

Looking forward, where do you see the greatest opportunity for expansion of the Mountain View Staging inventory of LED video?

Expo booths is where the new growth is with LED panels. Initially they would mostly be used on large general session events but with the different shapes available now and the small footprint I think more and more expo booths will want LED to help them stand out from the crowd.

Understanding that trusted partnerships are a key element to success in the live event market, what is the one characteristic you find most appealing about a partnership with PixelFLEX?

The outstanding support of PixelFLEX representatives is an advantage compared to other brands we have worked with.

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