LEDTalk: Great Visual Displays Start with a Purpose for Their Content

Think about the last great visual experience you’ve seen. Can you name the hardware components, the types of light used, or the specifications of the speakers that accompanied this experience you’re thinking of? Probably not because a great experience for a consumer is not about the hardware; it’s about the feeling. On this new episode of LEDTalk, host Tyler Kern sat down with two venerable experts in creating stunning visual experiences– David Venus, Chief Marketing Officer at PixelFLEX and Alberto Scirocco, CEO of LeftChannel.

“Content is not the thing that runs the hardware, content is the whole experience,” Scirocco said. LeftChannel is an Ohio-based motion graphics and animation studio with a focus on creating innovative, brand-centric work across platforms.

“But sometimes we see people who are excited to run into building a visual experience so they rush straight to the solution. They figure, ‘I want to put screens in this space,’ but when they do that they already created a portion of the content,” he said.
That’s why thought has to be put into the content picture as a whole, Venus explained.
“Purpose really starts from the beginning,” Venus said. “What are you trying to accomplish, create, and evoke in this digital experience?”