LEDTalk: Corporate Space Design – Creating An Experience through Video Display Technology

Jeff Peden Quote from PixelFLEX LEDTalk

Digital LED displays are transforming corporate workspaces, creating a positive ripple effect that disseminates throughout the companies workforce and into its clientele. “Digital is now,” said David Venus, CMO of PixelFLEX. On this episode of LEDTalk, host Tyler Kern sat down with Venus & guest Jeff Peden, director of marketing at Dalton Agency, to discuss how new video display technology elevates the corporate space.

Gone are the days of slapping a big-screen TV on the wall and calling it audiovisual technology. Today, companies are looking to stand out from the crowd by displaying their unique brand identity in new ways. One way to exhibit company values, missions, and workflow is by using innovative new LED screens to create a visionary data center, drawing in clients and drawing together employees.

Venus and Peden encourage companies to “think outside the rectangle.” That is, think beyond a TV screen and dream up an immersive AV experience. PixelFLEX’s strategy for designing and implementing LED technology in a workspace is to hone in on content.

By highlighting a company’s intention and purpose, an AV space can feel purposeful and intuitive, serving to please both client and employee. Though AV digital technology is “on-trend,” Peden asserted that this new and exciting trend is “not going away any time soon.”

As the overall marketplace shifts toward the experiential, corporate facilities will follow suit, crafting their own AV experience that elevates their brand and sets them apart on the global stage.