LED Video Wall Price, Determining What’s Right For Your install?

Video Wall Price-Blog Post

LED walls have the power to captivate audiences with their impressive visual stimulation, high contrast ratios, and ability to reproduce vibrant content. When deciding to implement a creative LED video wall application, understanding exactly what is desired for the video wall is important when considering the price of your LED video wall. LED display screens have so many custom factors involved that it can be difficult to estimate the price of a display application without the help of expert knowledge and job specific consultation. LED displays have so many possible configurations that it is sometimes challenging to understand what the display visuals will turn out based on the buyer’s vision. Finding a LED partner that can ask you important questions and help you consider various options will help you decide what you need and what you don’t and what the overall price will be.  By considering all the available options with a LED display expert, unnecessary costs can be avoided while optimizing your installation without sacrificing your audiences experience and the final price of the project.

When first deciding on an LED display one must consider these 5 variables that will affect viewing environments and project price:

Display Size
Bigger displays reach wider audiences and produce an enthralling environment but are more expensive. Basic principles show that screen size will directly affect price, but the next topic can help with overall cost of your display.

Resolution is determined by the pitch of pixels in an image. The smaller the pitch, the more pixels fit into a fixed dimension, resulting in a clearer image. Increasing the pixel count delivers higher levels of detail and smoother edges to the images. Understanding viewing distance and how it correlates to resolutions needs can decrease project budget. The processor is many times the most expensive part of the display and with newest technologies emerging, processing speed plays a critical role in image quality. 4K and Ultra HD displays have recently become popular but will dramatically increase the amount of processing needed to produce the desired image. High-quality processors run anywhere from around $8K to upwards of $30K depending on desires of complex playback capabilities.  If you choose to add a higher quality processor, it is important to understand that your project price will increase dramatically.

Wall Configuration
Complex LED video tile arrays are more expensive but ultimately command more attention. Fascinating video installation with missing tiles and various spacing between display sections will increase the price of the wall but can create a unique art installation. Curved LED walls can make the display that much more striking, but are higher priced due to the additional mechanisms and components that allow the tiles to curve.

Today’s video wall mounts come in nearly every imaginable configuration and have slowly evolved into complex installations. Mounting solutions vary from display to display. Some displays may call for a custom mounting solution, while others are accomplished with standard mounting practices.

Indoor Vs Outdoor
Screen environment can have a large effect on price. Outdoor screens are IP rated to withstand dirt, wind and precipitation which makes these types of screen more costly to manufacture with module coatings and sealed enclosures. Indoor displays are usually much simpler in terms of cabinet and componentry, ultimately allowing price to remain lower.

Working with a LED expert can lead the project in the right direction by focused questions and providing important information to understand exactly what is needed and what is being paid for. PixelFLEX® develops customized solutions for every customer, as they understand that each project is unique. Their team of architects, designers, engineers, and consultants work to innovate LED displays that will amplify the surrounding environment. LED displays are not cheap, and designing one can be challenging due to all the factors to consider. PixelFLEX® helps support customers by giving them exactly what is needed to optimize the function of their display, the display quality, and their overall project budget.

To learn more about PixelFLEX’s® award winning displays and how they can help you optimize your display designs and fulfill your project needs, visit https://pixelflexled.com/design-build/