LED Video Displays are Lighting the Way to a Better Stadium and Arena Experience

Stadium Exp-Blog

While there’s still nothing quite like watching your favorite team in person, home entertainment systems are getting pretty close. With wider screens and surround sound, some fans may be tempted to stay in for the night rather than fight for parking downtown. Sports venues are no longer able to rely on the game itself to draw in crowds. Instead, the fan experience has taken center stage. By utilizing cutting edge LED technology, stadiums can offer fans an immersive, multimedia experience. Creating an engaging and vibrant culture around the game through the use of LED screens is a great way to keep fans coming back time and time again.

We’re not just talking about the jumbotron. Everything from improving architectural aesthetic to providing an easy to use tool to guide fans through the venue can be achieved through the use of LEDs. Imagine walking into an arena for the first time, but instead of merely filing through security, you are surrounded by a hallway made entirely of screens showing the season’s highlights, past triumphs or an update on other games from around the league. In that hallway, there are even wrapped columns featuring current players portraits, making it feel as if they’re with the fans. It would be an unbelievable first impression.

Here at PixelFLEX, actually built something very similar for the MLB All-Star Fan Fest. Essentially a giant theme park for baseball fans, this event gives fans the chance to meet with their favorite players, watch live broadcasts of sports talk shows, and even participate in training drills. When it was hosted in San Diego, PixelFLEX was tasked with creating an arched entry way into their interactive fanzone. With the help of San Diego based MSI Productions, we developed two screens that were 16 feet high and 25 feet long, arcing elegantly over fans as they walked through. The LED entry way provided an immersive fan experience that many may never forget.

LED screens can be used for more than just entertainment. Bridgestone Arena, for example, turned to PixelFLEX to install a screen above escalators that carry 95% of visitors to their seats. Since Bridgestone is ranked sixth in the world for ticket sales among sporting venues, this screen provided ample opportunity not only for advertisement revenue, but also promotion of their own events as well.

Regardless of whether they are used as maps throughout the stadium, engaging entryways or advertising, LED screens can improve the fan experience, and in turn keep them coming back game after game. As an American-based LED manufacturer with expertise across a wide range of industries, PixelFLEX is dedicated to developing creative solutions tailored to the exact need of any space, be it a conference room or a giant stadium. To see what PixelFLEX LED is capable of creating for your sports venue, visit https://pixelflexled.com/portfolio/ today!