Encompass Event Group – PixelFLEX Rental Partner Spotlight

Founded in 2001 in Denver, Colorado, Encompass Event Group is a full-line Rental & Staging company specializing in B2B support of corporate meetings, national conventions and entertainment. They joined the PixelFLEX rental partner network in 2016 with their addition of FLEXTour 2.8mm tiles to their AV arsenal.

We recently had a Q&A Session with CEO, Dave Jensen, and here is what he had to say about Encompass Event Group and its business.

As a live event production provider, what do you feel are the most important factors to consider when creating a successful live event?

“There are several factors we consider when planning a live event. Atop our list is equipment quality. “Live” can’t wait for a replacement to be delivered. Corporate theater and trade show clients expect the best so we’re particular about little details (specifically design/deployment and maintenance/repair). We can work around the challenges of local staffing and ever-changing media but knowing our equipment is solid makes every event easier.”

When you first get started on creating the production design behind any live event, what are your top-level priorities as you begin the design process?

“We start most designs the old-fashioned way … with the client, a Sharpie, and a blank sheet of paper (so they can draw too). It’s important to understand their overall goals for the audience before tossing a bunch of creative options in the mix. Once we’ve narrowed down the objectives of the event, we start adding different production elements.”

How would you describe Encompass Event Group’s design approach?

Our approach always starts with the end in mind. Are we communicating, entertaining, or just background to something else? While equipment can be utilized for almost any application, our design impacts the how the audience will absorb information. Too much going on detracts from certain environments (lectures) but enhances others (entertainment and tradeshows). There’s always a balance which starts in the design phase.

As the technology for creating live events continues to evolve, how does Encompass keep up-to-date with the latest product innovations and event solutions?

“The owners of our company started as techs so we’re always “nerding out” when it comes to new technology. We actively look for opportunities to get onboard with the newest gear and ideas. Attending trade shows, reading the industry magazines, and hosting manufacturer Open Houses and training events are all great ways to stay up-to-date. Maintaining relationships with other Production Rental providers in your town and across the country is also beneficial.”

When did Encompass Event Group first start using LED video in your live event designs? What types of applications first drew you to use LED video?

“Our LED experience started in the entertainment segment of the business as EDM was becoming widely popular. We had a strong reputation as a video provider (cameras, switching, projection …) so a lot of companies naturally turned to us for LED as it became more common. Cutting our teeth in entertainment gave us a better understanding of logistics and deployment which gave us a huge advantage when transitioning corporate and trade show clients to LED.”

When did Encompass Event Group decide to make an investment in a rental inventory of LED video, and what were the driving factors to make the investment? 

“We bought into LED following our first touring season. The biggest factor for investing in LED was the cost of transportation from other markets. Even with long-term rental agreements, trucking added enough expense to surpass entry-level budgets. The immediate impact of decreased expense and increased availability affirmed our decision to purchase.”

As you researched the various LED video solutions on the market, what initially drew your attention to the PixelFLEX™ product line?

“Our involvement with PixelFLEX was sparked by a personal relationship with an executive. Once he introduced us to the company, we were impressed by the different product lines, arena and studio installations, and the company’s modern approach to branding. We also loved that PixelFLEX developed/assembled their products in the USA.”

Looking at the live event market today, where do you see the greatest impact of LED video?

“LED is everywhere so it’s tough to narrow down the greatest impact. For us, creative use in corporate theater and trade shows has changed the way we design. Being able to create elements in non-standard aspects wasn’t as easy with projection and usually became a static scenic piece. LED allows us to add motion and change the entire scenic design on a cue rather than on a break.”

Throughout your experience in the live event market, what would you say is the most unique application of the Encompass Event Group LED video from PixelFLEX?

“Our most creative use was for a televised event from a corporate headquarter building. We had limited space to build a complete TV experience in their main lobby. Instead of draping over the adjacent glass-walled conference center, we installed LED behind the glass to transform the otherwise useless space into a heavily-branded control room. It became a focal point of the event.”

When your clients speak about the available technologies that can help them create the type of event they desire, what do you feel is the biggest advantage to incorporating LED video elements?

” Since LED holds up to lighting better than projection we’re able to design in brighter-than-ideal applications. From stage elements to trade shows, controlling light isn’t as critical as it once was. The ability to deploy in any aspect ratio and at any angle are also huge benefits.”

Looking forward, where do you see the greatest opportunity for expansion of the Encompass Event Group inventory of LED video?

” Looking forward, tighter curves and different shapes will become increasingly important. The market has been flooded by knock-off brands offering new ideas but utilizing low-quality components. We’ll continue partnering with high-end manufacturers and look forward to innovative concepts that enhance our designs.”

Understanding that trusted partnerships are a key element to success in the live event market, what is the one characteristic you find most appealing about a partnership with PixelFLEX?

” PixelFLEX focuses on the US market and proactively develops relationships with their domestic customers. Besides technical assistance when needed, they support successful installations and rental partners through word-of-mouth and co-marketing opportunities. Having a manufacturing partner that actively participates and promotes in our brand is a huge added value.”

Would you like for us to include any additional information for readers to know about Encompass Event Group?

“Encompass Event Group is a full-line Production Rental company specializing in high-end corporate, entertainment, and trade show markets. Starting in 2001 as a video-only operation, Encompass has grown to become a one-stop-shop for B2B and wholesale rentals. Unlike “box houses”, they have a full-time staff of show technicians and an owned fleet of trucks to support events nationally.”

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