Digital Displays Enhance Higher Education Campuses


Chalkboards are slowly becoming a thing of the past on college campuses as many institutions of higher learning are transitioning to digital. Crisp, brilliant LED displays can now be found in lecture halls, libraries, sports arenas, and campus centers. These stunning screens not only provide an effective method for message delivery, they can also increase a space’s aesthetic appeal when seamlessly melded with their environment to create must-view works of art.

It’s estimated that over 20 million students enrolled in American colleges and universities in the fall of 2016, the vast majority of whom grew up with a digital childhood.[1] These teenagers and early twenty-somethings spent their formative years staring at pixelated computer, tablet, and mobile phone screens. They are accustomed to technology, and even except it in most places they venture, including school. Thoughtful educators are aware that these pupils excel in digital environments, and have adopted LED displays and video walls as ways of attracting students and helping them succeed. Digital technology in classrooms allows for a dynamic educational experience and encourages a high level of student engagement. Video walls in advanced libraries and laboratories facilitate collaboration among students and faculty, and promote interactive learning.

Modern digital displays are energy efficient, and because content can be easily updated with a few keystrokes, they prove more cost effective than traditional paper messaging. They are ideal for broadcasting all types of media around campus, from school announcements, lunch menus, to time-critical alerts. Animated graphics are better at grabbing eyeballs than static images, making digital displays the superior method for message dissemination. As a wayfinding tool, they can replace maps to help newcomers and visitors navigate a campus more easily. And they can even be used to generate advertising revenue, yielding an even greater return on investment.

High-resolution LED screens are excellent recruitment tools. Adding them to campus centers can make schools more attractive in the eyes of prospective students who value technology. They can also transform locker rooms, dazzling coveted sports recruits, alumni and boosters who are willing to generously donate to ensure their team is best equipped to win  championships and increase enrollment.

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