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PixelFLEX™ introduces unparalleled potential for the live production industry with FLEXUltra XT LED video

Award-winning LED video manufacturer combines extreme performance and durability into a one innovative product solution for any rental staging production design Nashville, TN (8/8/2019) – Combining extreme performance and durability into a single LED video panel designed for any rental staging production design, PixelFLEX™ is proud to introduce the new FLEXUltra XT. Fresh off its […]

LEDTalk: Corporate Space Design – Creating An Experience through Video Display Technology

Digital LED displays are transforming corporate workspaces, creating a positive ripple effect that disseminates throughout the companies workforce and into its clientele. “Digital is now,” said David Venus, CMO of PixelFLEX. On this episode of LEDTalk, host Tyler Kern sat down with Venus & guest Jeff Peden, director of marketing at Dalton Agency, to discuss how new video display technology […]


5 Main Factors That Affect The Price of an LED Video Wall

While you are probably aware of the advantages of using digital signage, you may be wondering how much an LED video wall costs. Well, the answer requires some explanation and a look at several determining factors. There’s size, pixel pitch, quality of the LED components, and other features to consider. Let’s explore what impacts the […]


What To Consider When Evaluating an LED Display Manufacturer

With the global LED display industry currently valued at $5 billion, it’s not surprising many new companies are entering the sector. Some may be industry veterans simply adding displays to their line of offerings; others, however, may be unseasoned novices making their debut into the Pro AV community. While this means many more options to […]

PixelFLEX™ offers the ultimate LED video experience with VisionPro HD

Award-winning manufacturer introduces a revolutionary, all-in-one and seamless LED video display that is not just smart, but brilliant Nashville, TN (7/9/2019) – Continuing to break the boundaries associated with traditional LED video displays, the award-winning manufacturer PixelFLEX™ LED is proud to introduce VisionPro HD™. Now providing the same user experience of a premium Smart TV, […]

LEDTalk: The Main Factors Affecting LED Screen Price

On this episode of LED Talk with PixelFLEX, host Tyler Kern sat down with chief marketing officer David Venus and director of sales Will Dickey to discuss five factors that significantly affect the price of implementing an LED solution, and why a client should be educated on all five to deliver the best solution possible. Componentry: Dickey discussed the options […]

LED Screens Are the Modern-Day Casino’s Ace in the Hole

With the digital generation either already attaining or quickly reaching maturity, the gaming methods of old lack the technological allure to appeal to these younger audiences. Also, new betting regulations are expanding and transforming the gaming industry in states spanning the country. With competitiveness and enthusiasm at an all-time high, casinos must be prepared to […]

Encompass Event Group – PixelFLEX Rental Partner Spotlight

Founded in 2001 in Denver, Colorado, Encompass Event Group is a full-line Rental & Staging company specializing in B2B support of corporate meetings, national conventions and entertainment. They joined the PixelFLEX rental partner network in 2016 with their addition of FLEXTour 2.8mm tiles to their AV arsenal. We recently had a Q&A Session with CEO, […]

New Technology Is Changing the LED Display Industry—Find Out Why and How

LEDs have become a mainstay of the human experience, so it’s astonishing to think the first light emitting diode was invented by a GE employee only a little over 50 years ago. From that first invention, the potential was immediately evident, as LEDs were small, durable, bright and consumed less energy than traditional incandescent lighting. […]