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LCD VS LED – What to Know to Choose the Right Video Display

Choosing the right display for a video wall can be overwhelming and confusing. Screens are growing in size, resolutions are increasing, and there are new, more advanced video display options available each year. The first question to address is whether to use an LCD or LED display. Before deciding, it’s important to understand the purpose […]

Choosing LED Video Screens Help Create Unforgettable Events

Benefits of LED Screens The point of events is to wow people, right? LED screens are becoming more and more popular at events due to increasing technology capabilities and affordability. Live productions of all shapes and sizes can benefit from LED screens and visual aids can significantly enhance almost any experience for everyone involved. Productions […]

PixelFLEX™ heads to Vegas in four dynamic tradeshow displays at LDI 2018

Parnelli Award-winning LED video manufacturer partners with Avolites, Froggys Fog, Kinesys, and Vectorworks to assist with their live entertainment tradeshow experiences Nashville, TN October 8th, 2018 – With the opening of the 2018 LDI Conference and Exhibition quickly approaching, the Parnell Award-winning and Nashville-based LED video manufacturer PixelFLEX™ is proud to be partnering with four industry […]


When Resolution is the Solution with Mark McIntosh of PixelFLEX

Sometimes the way to clear up a situation is to simply make the image a bit clearer. Those metrics are different for each space. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with Mark McIntosh from PixelFLEX. They discussed the relationship between resolution and install space, the impact of average viewing distance, and how resolution can actually […]

Monetizing LED Displays in Educational Environments

The budgets for colleges and universities are tighter than ever and administrators are feeling the pinch. On the surface, it can sometimes be hard to justify the outlay for a dynamic LED display. However, when used properly and in the right environments, LED displays actually generate the revenue to not only pay for themselves, but […]

PixelFLEX™ takes the ring with Aro Lucha

Nashville-based wrestling promotion firm adds a high-definition FLEXCurtain HD LED video system to their passionate, live event Luche Libre productions   Nashville, TN (8/27/2018) – Created to bring the high-energy of Lucha Libre professional wrestling to the United States, the sports and entertainment media firm Aro Lucha produces a number of exciting live events and […]

What Retailers Should Know Before Diving into LED Displays

There was a time when retailers could simply hang banners over the front of their building, slap a few posters in the window, sprinkle cardboard cutouts around the store and call their signage done. But in today’s digital world, this is no longer an effective strategy. Instead, retailers need to grab the attention of shoppers […]