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You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as they say. The art of capturing the attention of your audience is twofold: creating one-of-a-kind visual experiences and engaging the consumer in ways that your competition isn’t. PixelFLEX offers state-of-the-art outdoor LED displays that serves to transform your event, retail space, or business into an unforgettable interactive digital experience.

Each of our outdoor LED display design builds are customized to serve the unique needs of each client we work with. No matter the size or scale of your project, PixelFLEX works with clients to develop LED display technology solutions in almost any configuration, shape, curve, or size to create a revenue-turning customer experience. We work seamlessly with engineers, designers, and architects, and A/V integrators already on the job to ensure quick, trouble-free installation.

As an American-based company, PixelFLEX proudly provides our clients with quality, craftsmanship, and product support that can’t be found elsewhere. We believe in providing the level of guidance, communication, and support that we would want to be given if we were in the shoes of a client seeking help with outdoor LED displays.

If you’re ready to take your space to the next level with custom outdoor LED display technology, here’s what you can expect when you trust PixelFLEX with the design, build, and installation of your project:

  • IP-65 Weather Rating

    A fully rated outdoor product is key to guaranteeing the longevity of your outdoor LED display billboard.

  • High Brightness Displays

    The key to a quality outdoor LED display is variable brightness for any condition day or night. Our outdoor products have brightness offerings between 6,500 – 7,500 Nits.

  • Automatic Adjusting Parameters

    Our product is also fully adjustable to the surrounding outdoor conditions via sensors that talk with the screens control system making sure your display always looks its best.

  • Seamless

    PixelFLEX offers seamless large-format LED displays in a variety of resolutions, providing clear and detailed image displays. Whether you are looking to create eye-catching curb appeal, target nearby impulse buyers, or simply attract the attention of potential customers, outdoor LED digital signage is the answer.

  • Technical Support

    At PixelFLEX, we understand that there may be a learning curve involved in transitioning to outdoor LED display technology. That’s why we offer 24/7 Technical Support a 2-year product warranty, as well as service contract options with every one of our LED display products. So not only is your product fully covered, but so is your investment.

Our clients include:

Here’s what they are saying: 

“The PixelFLEX team bent over backwards when it came to the installation and design of our LED display stands. You put in a really herculean effort to get these done before the holidays. Every store that we went into had an unexpected issue that could have easily been a showstopper that day, and PixelFLEX worked around it for us. So the service provided in installation with some wackey hours, unique circumstances and a unique set of problems was absolutely amazing.”

john hazen

“When we first saw the imagery coming across the display, it was a great experience to see how the LED video manipulated the ambiance of the room in a beautiful fashion. It was very dramatic for all of us because at times, the FLEXLite NXG imagery can be subtle and provide a low-key ambiance, but then there are times when a coach can play a hype video with great audio to really get the heart of a high-profile recruit pounding.”


“I initially had the misconception that LED video would be a more costly option, but once we started speaking with PixelFLEX and saw what the FLEXLite NXG could do, we knew this would give us the better ‘bang for our buck’ and the install looks absolutely amazing.”


“When we started the design phase with Cornerstone it was understood that we wanted something unique and cutting edge to provide that WOW factor for our event. To meet our needs, we integrated the new pixelFlex Curve wall into four seamless cylinders with media to match. The outcome was more than I could have hoped for— offering the edge that we wanted for the stage and allowed us to get creative with our product launches.” 


“On the HD LED video wall, we can now use it as one large display, or we can break it up and show up to four different pieces of video content at once. Once they saw the result of the new system, they knew why we were pushing an LED video solution in the beginning of the project. The brightness, the clarity and the technology all make a statement in your facility, which customers really appreciate.”


“During the installation, the FLEXTour system went together very easily, and as far as control, we come straight out of a computer running ProPresenter, into the PixelFLEX sending unit, and then to the LED screen in a very simple process. We are now using it for just about everything that you can think of, and it’s completely changed the experience for our congregation.”

“When we were finished with the video design and saw the final product for the first time, we were all amazed because it was so bright and colorful, and you could literally see it from every angle of the store. In this day and age of interactive digital experiences, LED video is the future of retail design, and I can see PixelFLEX LED video technology being a big part of that future.”


“In a new construction project, the LED video screen was one of the last elements to go in, and we had the full install complete in only two days, which they greatly appreciated. Early on in the process, we brought the Landmark Theatre team over to our office to show them the power, performance, and reliability of an PixelFLEX LED video display, and once they saw its numerous advantages, they were absolutely sold.”


“The response has been absolutely tremendous, and people are blown away. From all perspectives of clients and guests, people are having a similar reaction where they stop for a moment to take it all in. We were really given the opportunity to deliver something special and watching the reactions has been the best part. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive response and it’s a great system.”


“Everyone that enters the Lexus Lounge, from members to their clients, friends and family, are in awe of the LED video screen and how it lights up the entire space while, at the same time, offering a completely clear picture of what is going on in the arena bowl.”

chris junghans


Our versatile outdoor LED product line allow us to form a solution that best fits our customer’s vision.

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