Target Open House

Target Corporation, the nation’s second largest discount store retailer, launched Target Open House In San Francisco in the summer of 2015.  The 3,500 square foot Target smart home is aimed at educating and engaging its customers as an ode to IoT. Consider it your home for possibilities, built to show you just how to bring them to life. It is a place to experiment with and purchase products, learn about possibilities and connect with creators. In the evening, Open House turns into an event space, hosting discussions, presentations and collaborations.

  • 2016

  • Target IT


Our Task

Looking to increase curb appeal and give a stunning first impression, Target looked to incorporate LED to invite passing by customers to engage with their new look. The LED video wall is directly viewable from the street and reinforces the Target brand while engaging and educating customers with the Target Open House experience. The installation utilizes a fully front-serviceable product in order to flush mount the display to the wall, as well as allow for easy serviceability of the display going forward.

Product Used



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