Normal Earbuds NYC

Meet Normal, the customized, high-end earphone manufacturer that brought 3D printed earbuds to the mass market. From its offices and manufacturing facility in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, Normal is looking to sell $199 customized ear buds made to the shape of an individual’s ear. The brainchild of Nikki Kaufman, a former Quirky executive (and spouse of Quirky founder Ben Kaufman), Normal represents a new step in the evolution of manufacturing through 3D printing.

  • 2014

  • Elite Multimedia


Our Task

PixelFLEX installed an immersive 12.5mm FLEXLite LED wall for custom 3D printed earphone company, Normal. Coordinated by Hwkn Architecture firm, Normal opened a retail location in Manhattan that also operates as the factory and headquarters. The factory part is an open format where customers can view the entire manufacturing process. The LED wall installed is part of the experience, with a blow through design that helps create the lower resolution feel while remaining a high resolution that still creates an impactful display.

Product Used



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