Ascend Amphitheater – Nashville

The Ascend Amphitheater is an open air event venue located on the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee. It is set inside the Metro Riverfront Park. The amphitheater seats 2,300 in fixed seating, and 4,500 on the lawn with a total capacity of 6,800. In its first season, 2015, it held 30 events and brought an amphitheater back to the Davidson county fan base.

  • 2015

  • Jarvis Sign


Our Task

Looking for an full outdoor LED Display solution, the amphitheater turned to PixelFLEX to come up with an accessible solution that would receive an extreme amount of sunlight as well as many other adverse weather conditions. Its one of a kind shock lift system allows the screen to be easily serviced with out removing the entire encasing from the wall. The screen auto adjusts brightness to adapt to the outside weather so the screen is easy to look at for passing customers. The screen primarily is used for advertising purposes.

Product Used

10mm Outdoor LED Display


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