Transparent LED Digital Signage Market Sees Significant Growth, Offers Opportunities for Retail

Transparent LED

Digital signage in retail has been growing steadily for the last decade. The growth is partly in response to the many different and unique applications available to retailers. One segment that is poised for exponential expansion is the transparent digital signage market. According to a report by Research and Markets, from 2017 to 2021, the compounded annual growth rate for this sector will increase by 28.7%.[1]

What is Transparent Digital Signage?

The descriptor transparent in Transparent Digital Signage is used because the display is a glass window integrated with a touchscreen and an alternate light source that does not block the display, allowing light to pass through in both directions. This is different than standard LCD screens that have backlit components which illuminate the pixels on the screen, thus creating visibility to viewers.

Transparent displays are gaining in popularity due to their lower power consumption, consuming roughly 10% of the power compared to a traditional LCD display. And with cathode, anode and substrate transparent components, these ultra-thin displays are designed to be more flexible in comparison to other screens. They also allow for 3D content, which has become a highly sought-after feature for retailers. When brands can use 3D advertisements, it changes the way in which they are able to convey ideas and engage with users. These displays also offer tools for easy communication, delivering a positive customer experience.

How Can Retailers Use Transparent Digital Signage?

The application of transparent screens is varied, depending on the goals and type of experience to be created. For instance, leveraging transparent signage in merchandising to introduce and advertise the features of new products is a rapidly emerging trend. In this application, the product is positioned within a display with a screen that shows videos, graphics, and/or text placed directly behind it. And because these screens don’t hinder natural light, many retailers are using this signage as storefront window displays

FLEXClear Delivers Transparent Opportunities

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