Rodney Atkins – 2013

Rodney knows the value of taking the long way home, of veering off the beaten path onto a road less traveled. With six #1 singles to show for it, he is an instant crowd pleaser and is known for his high energy live shows. Since signing to Curb Records in the early 2000’s, he has since had a platinum record and four of the highest played singles of the year, including “Goin’ Through Hell,” “Watching You,” “These Are My People” and “Take A Backroad” (2012 BMI song of the year).

  • 2013

  • Elite Multimedia


Our Task

Rodney had limited truck space and a big idea when he came to us. He was looking to create a staggered strip setup to drive content and improve the production quality of his shows. He was also playing many different types of venues, so he needed the ability to adapt to certain venues that had height and weight restrictions.

Product Used



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