Michael Jordan Invitational – 2013

Founded In 2001, The MJCI is one of celebrity golfs most popular events and has raised more then $6 million for charity. The four day tournament and celebration, which boasts incredible parties, A-list entertainment and competitive golf, is recognized as one of the best events of its kind. It has attracted sports legends including Wayne Gretzkey, Charles Bakley, Mario Lemieux, Roger Clemens, Julia’s Irving, Ozzie Smith and entertainment personalities such as Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell and Will Smith in this year’s event. The 2013 event beneficiaries were included Make-A-Wish, The James R. Jordan Foundation, Cats Cre, and Opportunity Village. This year’s entertainment included Grammy Award-winning musical entertainer, John Legend. All Photos Courtesy of  ©Kelly McKeon

  • March 2013

  • VER


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18mm, 37mm & 100mm


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