Live on the Green – 2013

The City of Nashville believes in the importance of music, and strongly supports the idea that each person should have the opportunity to experience and enjoy live music, free of charge. Live On The Green, brought to the community in conjunction with the Davidson County Metro Government and local radio station, Lighting 100, is a celebration of Nashville’s passion for its music and community. Live On The Green showcases Nashville’s emerging musical talent and highlights national acts with roots in Music City. They are committed to being Nashville’s premier environmentally-friendly concert series. Live on the Green is recently finished its fifth season.

  • 2013

  • Lightning 100 and Elite Multimedia


Our Task

Due to the growing audience, festival-goers in the back had minimal views of the stage. PixelFLEX was provided as a way to keep up with that. There was also weight restrictions with the location, as the ground was very soft. PixelFLEX was there only solution due to its lightweight characteristics!

Product Used



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