PixelFLEX™ offers the ultimate LED video experience with VisionPro HD

Award-winning manufacturer introduces a revolutionary, all-in-one and seamless LED video display that is not just smart, but brilliant

Nashville, TN (7/9/2019) – Continuing to break the boundaries associated with traditional LED video displays, the award-winning manufacturer PixelFLEX™ LED is proud to introduce VisionPro HD™. Now providing the same user experience of a premium Smart TV, but on a much larger scale, VisionPro HD™ offers one of the highest resolution displays available in an all-in-one, seamless video experience ideal for any corporate, educational, retail, or entertainment design.

“We are very excited about the possibilities of our new VisionPro HD™ LED video line,” said David Venus, Chief Marketing Officer, PixelFLEX LED. “Wanting to make the LED video experience more consumer and prosumer-friendly, we have spent a lot of time developing a solution that is a truly unique, all-encompassing technology which provides unlimited possibilities.”

Designed to offer high-quality LED display technology as a direct replacement for TV walls and other traditional display technologies at a very completive price, VisionPro HD™ is constructed with a naturally reflection-free surface to reduce any room or light interference. Additionally, VisionPro HD™ combines bright and vibrant color with a depth of dark contrast to provide the highest image quality possible. As a bezel-less, and seamless display, VisionPro HD is available in four models; a 110-inch display at 1.2mm pixel pitch, a 138-inch display at 1.5mm pixel pitch, a 165-inch display at 1.9mm pixel pitch, and a 220-inch display at 2.5mm pixel pitch all in native HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

Standard with a built-in media player and an Android-based user interface with remote and keyboard, VisionPro HD™ provides access to all the Smart TV applications consumers know and love. Available in both a wall-mount and floor-stand configuration, VisionPro HD™ allows for screen-sharing across any WiFi network and users can also share up to 4 devices wirelessly, or one device via an HMDI input. With tiles that are calibrated directly out of the box to ensure perfect color and brightness, VisionPro HD™ is also future-proof through the simple replacement of any of the magnetic video modules.

To find out more about the new VisionPro HD™ LED video experience, visit the product page at www.pixelflexled.com, click here to watch the product video, or try the VisonPro HD™ Display Builder for a quick design quote.

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