Hunter Douglas Installs PixelFLEX LED Screens for Interactive Digital Signage

 New York, May 1st,2015 – Hunter Douglas recently implemented a PixelFLEX FLEXLite LED video tiles installation for their intimate, eye-catching window treatment display in the front window of Gracious Home, a Manhattan home décor store.

Hunter Douglas contracted innovative designers from RockTenn to design and execute the display on the Upper East Side. Industrial Designer Brett Mellor and Project Manager John Digney, along with a team, took the idea of looking into other’s homes to create a unique design using PixelFLEX FLEXLite 6.9mm LED tiles to showcase Hunter Douglas’ motorized window treatments. PixelFLEX sales representative Jon Lewis assisted in the purchase.

Set behind furniture and a motorized blind, a 7′ tall by 4.5′ wall presents viewers with a black and white video of a woman’s silhouette getting ready for her day, taking care of her home and preparing for an evening party. In order for this display to work in a bold and exciting manner, the technology had to combat the conditions of harsh daylight, small depth and height and significant visual noise on the street.

“We needed something that was bright enough to compete with daylight because, as opposed to colored images, with the black and white you need a lot of contrast. So we had to have the high power of LEDs to really put out that white in order to have the contrast of the silhouettes,” Mellor said. “The product that we picked was partly based on the cost, and also the ease of installation for what we were doing. It was simple to attach onto the back wall of the space we were given.”

The six-minute and 44 second-long video combined with the movement of the blinds and par can lighting worked in unison to create different times and activities throughout the day, resulting in a digital presentation that causes potential customers to do a double take.

Available in both indoor and outdoor options, the FLEXLite LED option was designed for clients who asked for an economical solution to meet needs for permanent installations and lightweight event screens. The tiles are available in both indoor and outdoor options varying in resolutions from 3-12.5mm, and are designed as the ideal video solution for tradeshows, other events and digital signage.

“Jon Lewis was key in helping us to understand how the wall worked, and we could orchestrate the three different elements in concert with her day as it goes from morning, to afternoon, to evening,” Mellor said. “Which worked out very well and everybody was very excited about.”

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