PixelFLEX Expands Popular FLEXLite Line with FLEXLite Plus Curveable Touring Panels


New PixelFLEX Premier LED Tile Designed with the Rental Market in Mind


Nashville, June 4th, 2015 – LED screen manufacturer PixelFLEX, known for their lightweight and flexible video screens, has designed and released an enhanced version of the FLEXLite LED tile known as the FLEXLite Plus.FL_QuadFeature_Box

The original FLEXLite series was designed for clients who wanted an economical solution to meet the needs of permanent installations and lightweight screens. The FLEXLite Plus line builds on the FLEXLite’s success by adding very important features for the LED rental display and touring markets.

Currently available in 3.9, 6.9 and 8.9mm pitches, the FLEXLite Plus line features a curveable and rigid product in one frame that is capable of creating a 15-degree curve in either direction via the unique radial fastener – the greatest curve in any PixelFLEX product line to date. It also adds positioning guide pins and captive screws for safe handling of high module changes. Optional touring frames are available in one and two meter configurations, allowed rapid, large-scale wall building.

FLEXLite Plus builds on its outdoor offering with IP65 front and rear protection. All PixelFLEX products feature Neutrik True 1 and Ethercon power and data connections. Outside brightness and high refresh rates are standard in the FLEXLite Plus line. Like all FLEX products, the FLEXLite line easily connects to any computer with a DVI-D or HDMI connection.

“The FLEXLite has been one of our most successful products to date, so we decided to make it even more feature-rich by adding those things demanded by the rental and touring markets,” said Jeremy Byrd, Chief Executive Officer of PixelFLEX. “The weather rating, higher degree of curve and the dependable extreme brightness of the FLEXLite Plus is something our customers wanted, so we gave it to them.”

For more information on PixelFLEX and its growing line of lightweight LED video screens, visit PixelFLEX at pixelflexled.com. Follow them @LEDCurtain and on Facebook.