Hotels and Hospitality: LED Digital DisplayVideo Walls Engage Where Smaller Screens Can’t


The hospitality space has become increasingly competitive for the past several years: AirBNB and similar services draw potential guests away by offering alternative, cheaper ways for travelers to stay overnight. To continue to attract guests, traditional hotels must add value to their services by delivering a superior experience that extends beyond the hotel room. However, today’s screen-addicted culture presents a unique challenge for the hospitality industry.

Fifteen years ago, guests in a hotel lobby might have engaged in small talk with the concierge or browsed pamphlets to learn about local attractions or recommended eateries. But today, more and more guests are interacting with their smartphones rather than sourcing information via outmoded lobby offerings. Still, most hotel lobbies are areas with heavy foot traffic, making them tools that can be leveraged to inform and entertain guests when the right technology is deployed. In a large open space, single-screen displays can too easily fade into the background, though. This has led many leaders in hospitality to turn to LED digital signage as a multifunctional solution to keep guests involved.

A lobby wall transformed into a full-sized LED digital display offers a contemporary solution that can keep hotels in touch while improving the guest experience in several different ways. For one, a large LED display wall can serve as an engaging artistic production that can be as unique and distinctive as the hotel chooses. Captivating LED signage provides hotels with the opportunity to promote their brands, set a desired mood, or display revenue-generating advertisements with maximum effect. The hotel can more successfully upsell its best rooms or sell tickets to local attractions by displaying visually compelling adverts. An LED digital display wall can also be used to make important information readily-available to guests. In addition, information displayed digitally can be updated constantly so that materials—such as menus, agendas, event flyers—aren’t constantly needing to be reprinted. And LED digital signage can be used to display weather and travel conditions so that guests can stay informed and engaged without turning to their handheld devices.

According to industry leader Trent Cate, “In this day and age, hotel guests have a universal expectation of having any and all information they desire instantly at their fingertips.”1 Many LED digital displays include touch screen technology that enables guests to find information almost instantaneously while offering an experience no smartphone can replicate. And to suit diverse customers’ needs, LED digital signage can be designed in more traditional grid or mosaic styles, or angled displays can be used for a more creative layout in line with the hotel’s preferred image and branding. When used effectively, LED digital displays are a gateway to long-term digital engagement with guests that goes beyond the single stay.

Competition in hospitality is fiercer than ever before. Now is the time for leaders in the industry to explore creative solutions that can help their brands remain relevant and stand out from the competition. LED digital displays offer an innovative, visual way to communicate messages that will grip today’s technology-oriented consumer in a way single screens and smartphones can’t. And

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