LED Video Wall Company Enters Pop Market for the First Time

Nashville, June 19, 2014 — On the heels of their Pop Psychology album release, Neon Trees knew the 2014 tour should be an explosion of psychadelic color to remain equal to the punch of frontman Tyler Glenn’s lyrics. The show would be a theatrical event, and video would play a role in transporting the audience to a world that matched the shiny pop songs that lay emotion and angst out on the line.

Neon Trees Production Manager Mike Bangs’ took a napkin Glenn and the band used to draw out the set and brought it to reality. The clean stage, where every piece of equipment has a purpose, was framed with four 8 foot by 4 foot panels of PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain, with three staggered in the back and the fourth turned on its side in front of a riser to give the illusion of floating band members. Another smaller, non-PixelFLEX hard tile was also used in front of risers to accomplish the “Timothy Leary meets Alice in Wonderland world,” Bangs said.

Lighting Director Matt Guminski worked with the team to create original video content full of abstract color and designs to match the dynamic lighting show. The FLEXCurtain isn’t put into use until the fourth song in the show; at that point the audience’s visuals are almost overwhelmed with the pop art surrounding Glenn and the other band members.

“The thing that we didn’t want to do — and the thing that I think we do much differently from any other band — is that most bands above a certain level have video now, but every show that we go to is like watching a band stand in front of a tv” Bangs said. “It’s like you’re watching television with a band in front of it and that was the absolute opposite of the experience we wanted to give.”

The creation of the show into one cohesive setting is what led Neon Trees’ production to be unique in that they had no video director. Guminski created video content and lighting in tandem as there was no way to accomplish the vision separately. There was no IMAG, and no gratuitous video content. Every visual element has a specific purpose.

Production had to have the same intentional goal.

“I was asked to provide a video system by the band, but I was under very tight space and weight restrictions,” Bangs said. “PixelFLEX was the only product I could find that would meet all of my requirements.”

The total 128 square feet of FLEXCurtain for Neon Trees fits into a single 2.5 feet wide, 5 feet long, 3 feet tall roadcase, a massive difference in space from other rigid LED tiles. A larger 50 feet tall, 25 feet wide (1250 square feet) FLEXCurtain LED wall packs into nine cases to take up just five feet of truck space, while the same amount in most non-PixelFLEX tiles will pack into more than 24 feet of truck space. The innovation of a flexible video wall allows production teams more options both visually and logistically than previously existed in the LED market.

“It’s very portable and light, and I can put it in any room,” Bangs said. “It’s also scalable so I can move around and adjust it, and I’m not glued to anything. I wanted everything to be ground supported so it could be versatile, and PixelFLEX was the only thing that would let me do that.”

Neon Trees and PixelFLEX will be on tour through September.

Chicago Area Church Purchases LED Curtains After Successful Easter Weekend Test Run

Nashville, May 13, 2014 Harvest Bible Chapel already knew of several advantages to PixelFLEX’s FLEXCurtain. After a rewarding weekend celebrating Good Friday and Easter, and using PixelFLEX as a tool to accomplish their goals, Harvest knew it was a product that would continue to enhance their various worship events.

At the multi-campus church in the Greater Chicago area, Easter is a weekend-long celebration. Josh Buendorf, Harvest’s production manager, worked with PixelFLEX to rent 20 panels of 20 mm FLEXCurtain to add to the weekend’s productions.

“Good Friday and Easter is sort of the epic part of the year for us,” Buendorf said. “We really focus on Good Friday and the death. That’s the major production for us. The theme was to do a dance party in celebration of Easter time. We turned our campuses into — I don’t know how else to describe it — a Christian version of a night club.”

For the dance party, the panels were used as impactful eye candy. Harvest Bible Chapel restructured a series of popular worship songs to make them appropriate for dancing, then used colorful and fast moving motion graphics to match the music. During the course of the weekend, the FLEXCurtain was also used as a backdrop behind Harvest’s worship band, and then in the church lobby to add emphasis to a short film the church created to kick off Good Friday.


The celebrations were deemed a success, and Harvest Bible Chapel purchased four 20 mm FLEXCurtains to use between their seven campuses and countless events. The panels will also play a role in Act Like Men, an upcoming conference that challenges men to strengthen their faith and be a role model for their families.

“We always are having youth events and other things going on, so to be able to have a product that’s lightweight and can bend that I can set up, tear down and easily ship around to different places is fantastic,” Buendorf said.

PixelFLEX’s LED curtains are easy to operate and set up — videos and images can be sent to the screen using any computer with a DVI-D connection. Flexible in all directions, the FLEXCurtain is able to bend and shape around structures for a more creative display effect and can be stored in a single road case to simplify shipping (or storing) logistics while minimizing transportation costs.

“It was great to work with Harvest Bible Chapel and their multiple campuses,” said Will Dickey, PixelFLEX senior sales representative. “The mobility of the FLEXCurtain was an ideal solution for them and I’m proud that the Easter weekend celebration sealed the deal.”

Nashville, Feb. 17, 2014 – Ten voices, 10 microphones, a unique vision and a stage is all it took for national sensation, Straight No Chaser (SNC), to change the common image of an all-male a cappella group. Since the band’s reunion, coordinated by Atlantic Records in 2008, the men have seen huge success by continually modernizing their act with humor and timeless, as well as current, pop songs to captivate their audience, something that has set them apart since their inception in 1996 at Indiana University. This year, PixelFLEX LED Curtains were included during the act’s 68-city Under The Influence tour promoting their album of the same name. The curtains added a brand new element to the shows with the panels’ versatility, flexibility and affordability.

PixelFLEX, the industry leader in lightweight, flexible LED video curtain panels, offered a cost-effective, practical and simple packing solution to the tour and production manager when the crew wanted to balance new visuals with the vocals, emotions and originality of the act.

“The PixelFLEX video curtain gave the show a bigger presence for the crowd without overwhelming the art of the performance,” said Richard Korby, Tour and Production Manager for Straight No Chaser. “We were pleasantly surprised at the reception from the audience; the panels brought the experience to another level for those who had seen the show before and those who were seeing SNC for the first time.”

Throughout the three month tour, the 20mm LED curtains displayed an introductory video about the group, served as a tool for promotional material, and added a novel element of background images and video throughout each performance.

“It’s the marriage of artistry, economics and logistics,” explained Korby. “It travels very efficiently and that was the key. The way it packs and folds up into a single road case kept us from having to add trucking, which is important because we’ve got to watch every penny when we’re out on the road.”

The curtains are flexible in all directions, making it possible for the panels to bend and shape around structures for a more creative, dynamic and artistic display. Though the six screens were used statically throughout the tour, they provided the unparalleled bonus of being compact and simple to set up, take down, and pack into two road cases, something that the Systems Technician, Bob Rager, and Lighting and Video Director, Christ Jones, were impressed with.

Looking forward to the 2014 tour season, Korby is planning to again utilize PixelFLEX technology for SNC’s video needs.

Luke Bryan Tour Uses PixelFLEX LED Curtain Video Wall toEnhance Show Visuals While Making Life Easier for Road CrewFlexible and Lightweight Solution Streamlines Production

Nashville, Feb. 12, 2013 — Having already used PixelFLEX’s unique flexible and lightweight LED Curtain video wall system on tour since 2011, Luke Bryan is featuring a 60’ x 40’ 100mm Curtain with another 40’ x 30’ 18mm Curtain during his headlining tour in 2013 to provide an enhanced video experience for concert-goers. Both Curtain systems are custom-made by PixelFLEX.

Easy to operate and set up – videos and images can be sent to the screen using any computer with a DVI-D connection – PixelFLEX LED Curtains are available from low resolution to high resolution, allowing users to demonstrate simple effects or elaborate videos. Given the high-quality video and visual effects the solution has produced for Bryan’s production team during previous tours, the artist’s production manager is confident that expanding the use of the Curtain for the 2013 tour will offer fans an even better live show experience with minimal impact on the road crew.

“The PixelFLEX solution is a great product for a number of reasons,” said Pete Healey, production manager and front-of-house mixer. “It’s durable, flexible and lightweight, which makes it easy to set up, tear down and pack on the truck in a compact fashion. At the end of the night, we bring the truss in and the Curtain folds right into a case, which then gets stacked three high in the truck.”

Flexible in all directions, PixelFLEX LED Curtains are able to bend and shape around structures for a more creative display.

“The flexibility of the Curtain gives us creative freedom in how we use it in different venues,” Healey continued. “As a support act last year, we didn’t have access to all of the headliner’s video product. So, we wrapped the PixelFLEX system around cylinders to make sure that fans sitting side of stage or upstage had a view of the show’s visual elements. We couldn’t have done that with a hard product.”

An industry veteran, Healey believes that production should be invisible – the main focus needs to be on the performer. Still, he understands that production plays a vital role in the concert experience for fans.

“With our headline tour this year, we are using the PixelFLEX Curtain in a way that provides a big ‘WOW’ factor for our audience,” Healey remarked. “Whereas most acts use a 60’ x 40’ stardrop on tour, we’ve decided to use PixelFLEX’s 100mm Curtain with a lo-res backdrop and hi-res big screen in front. At first, it might look like another stardrop, but once we start mapping our content through it the difference will be drastic.”

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