Neon Trees – Pop Psychology Tour 2014

Neon Trees is an American rock band from Provo, Utah. The band received nationwide exposure in late 2008 when they opened several North American tour dates for the band The Killers. Not long after, the band was signed by Mercury Records and released their first full length album, Habits, in 2010. Their first single “Animal” climbed to No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Alternative Rock chart.

  • 2014

  • Elite Multimedia


Our Task

Production Manager Mike Bangs’ took a napkin Glenn and the band used to draw out the set and brought it to reality. The clean stage, where every piece of equipment has a purpose, was framed with four 8 foot by 4 foot panels of PixelFLEX FLEXCurtain, with three staggered in the back and the fourth turned on its side in front of a riser to give the illusion of floating band members. It was key that the whole stage design be ground supported with no overhead rigging needed.

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